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As the title says, I'm on the search for heroes who need/wear glasses.

I don't search for heroes who only wear them when they're in civil (Clark Kent, Bruce Banner) or people who wear sunglasses (Plastic Man) or heroes with special eye-gear (Cyclops), but specific for heroes who need glasses.

My reason for this is, I love it to cosplay, but I'm very shortsighted and need glasses =/ I want to cosplay DC & Marvel heroes, but I can't think of a single hero who really needs glasses in his costume so that I can leave my glasses on.

I don't care if the heroes are male or female, I'm just curious.

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Hrmm...Only person I can think of at the moment is Animal Man. In all actuality, what he wore was more akin to goggles though. He only wore them to keep things from getting in his eyes when he was flying around.

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Erm..Barbara Gordon needs them, so does her dad, James, aaaand, I think Hank McCoy. 

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@DoomDoomDoom: sadly I don't count goggles as glasses, because I couldn't see anything with them .__.

@The Stegman: Yes, she needs glasses, but only as Oracle/at home, I've never seen her with glasses as Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon isn't a "hero" he's a cop, also Beast only wears them when he's at home and not on mission,

but thank you for your answers =)

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@EMH_Bruce: Oh, I thought you meant who needed them period, not only on missions, in that case, the female Robin from "The Dark Knight Returns" is the only one I can think of.  
And Commissioner Gordon is MY hero >.<
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@The Stegman: I mean who needs them all the time, but Babs wears contact lenses as Batgirl (I think) and I can't wear them =/

you mean Carrie Kelly? Ok, that's one Hero with glasses =)

that's good, Gordon needs more fans =)

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I can't think of any. I guess the problem is that a lot of heroes have their eyesight improved if its bad upon gaining powers. Plus glasses get in the way when fighting.

Would you consider contact lenses?

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Beast wears glasses.

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Majority of people in the Hellsing universe. Vast majority.

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@guttridgeb: yes, either they got good eyes or they're blind (Daredevil, Dr. Mid-Nite...) I thought about wearing contact lenses, but I'm a bit scared ^^"

the problem is, if I cosplay heroes in civil, no one recognizes me, and that's a bit disappointing .__.

@cyberchop979: I only saw him wearing glasses when he read/worked on something ö,ö

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@JediXMan: That's true xDDD many manga/anime characters wear glasses =) I cosplayed some of them, like Inui Sadaharu from Prince of Tennis

but I want to cosplay some DC/Marvel heroes for a change =)

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@EMH_Bruce said:

I thought about wearing contact lenses, but I'm a bit scared ^^"

I don't know if I'd recommend wearing them solely for cosplaying, but for general contact-use I can let you know you're not alone in being a bit worried, I'm sure everyone who's made the switch has felt the same. At first it might feel different, but it doesn't hurt. And before long, you won't notice anything (as long as the lens is not broken, and your eye is fine, it's all good. Any dryness, or speck of something that gets in there is super easy to take care of). Been wearing them for about 10.5 years now and for what I want out of my vision correction, they're great.

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Supes used to wear glasses. Which was unnecessary and completely stupid.

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@EMH_Bruce: That's fair. I don't need corrective lenses yet (probably will some day) and I'm already weighing up whether or not to get contacts :)

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@lightsout: I thought about wearing contacts in general and also about having an eye surgery, but atm that's not possible .__. (no money)

I have a friend who only uses contacts when she's cosplaying.

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Peter Parker originally wore glasses.

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@EMH_Bruce: Ah, okay. You're braver than I, I've got an underlying fear that something would go wrong (not that I have $$ for it either, lol).

Oh yea? I guess if the contacts hold up (IDK if they lose an ability to hold moisture after a while, because I had a pair that hurt my eyes after a while despite being intact, so I guessed that was the case), that's okay. That's probably where personal preference comes in (I found I needed correction the summer before highschool & let's just say I wasn't a beacon of confidence, lol, so my parents were cool & let me get contacts in addition to the glasses. But now that I don't get out of the house much, I just wear the glasses if I'm not going out b/c I'm lazy & cheap (want to make the contacts last as long as possible), haha).

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@The Stegman said:

Erm..Barbara Gordon needs them, so does her dad, James, aaaand, I think Hank McCoy.

I agree.

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@EMH_Bruce: Green Arrow.