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Basically is there any place in all of fictional any planet universe that you would like to live in?

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Star Wars, probably.

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I already do


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Harry Potterverse....AFTER Voldemort was defeated.

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Pick someone's casually pornographic comic world...so anything by Greg Land.

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Elder Scrolls, Pokemon (not much of a fan anymore but still think it'd be awesome to live in), Mass Effect, WOW, Fable (1), Marvel & DC (if I have powers) and probably a ton more. Really though toss me into a world that's interesting and I'd be happy.

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I'd live on either Mars, Ganymede, or in the space colonies in the Cowboy Bebop universe.

Or anything technological like the Normandy, or the Enterprise.

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DC Universe...Just like all of my created RPG/Fan-Fic characters that hopefully will get accepted by DC someday.

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Lost Girls.. ::snicker::

I mean, uh.. no..

I'm trying to think but so many fictional universes are really dark horrible places.

..the Fable universe sounds good.. maybe the Psychonauts universe.. On Moya in Farscape.. I could spend a few years in a TARDIS I think..

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Pokemon, i'd start in the Kanto and choose a Charmander


Percy Jackson universe, I'd be a son of Hefestus fighting in the war, i would propbley life

@The Stegman said:

Harry Potterverse....AFTER Voldemort was defeated.

Percy universe is better :P

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Nippon Ichi -verse

I wanna be a badass frickin overlord

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I already do


Lol. This

Wouldn't mind being in the Mass Effect universe, I'd like to bang a blue chick.
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Star Wars

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The Star Trek universe probably. Those on planet earth don't have to worry about war, famine, etc... Seems like a good place to live.

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Equestria, Avatar world, DC universe.

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Doctor Who.

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Halo Universe, Borderlands Universe, Star Wars Universe, Marvel Universe, Elder Scrolls Universe....

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@darkazrael999: dude....he jst asked u about a single univerese....not a multi verse..!!!

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Marvel Universe!!!

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Pokemon followed by -the last airbender

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@skarX37: That is not a Multi-Verse. Multi-Verse is both a fictional and an actual scientific term. Look it up in Wikipedia.

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@RoyHarperBLOW said:

Basically is there any place in all of fictional any planet universe that you would like to live in?

That I would like to live....hell no! but character wise I would end up in the Marvel Universe, likely smack dab in the Age of apocalypse in a Morlock tunnel.

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Fallout! Granted I would want to live in the pent house of one of the casino's in New Vegas. Then I'd go on adventures in the wasteland. Ah Fallout, making post nuclear apocalyptic survival seem fun and glamorous.

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DC universe. I wanna live in Gotham Cit for some reason.; I like dark scary cities.

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@TheCrowbar said:

Pick someone's casually pornographic comic world...so anything by Greg Land.

Lol, good point. I'll pick DCU as done by Greg Land. Superpowers are a dime a dozen there. If I get to keep all my current knowledge I'm sure I can blackmail most of the JLA to hanging out with me.

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marvel if I get to live like tony stark

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Avatar universe maybe. Or DC, because even if I was an average citizen, I can move to Metropolis and see Superman.

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Talespin universe don't gotta worry about the world being destroyed, society was progressive and maybe find a nice job as a pilot.....plus bear sex

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The one I think I'm in when my other personality takes control

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The Hyborian Age

assuming it wasn't real that is...=)

I wouldn't survive, but the ladies be smokin' and worth fighting over! =)