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Poll: Which element would you bend? (Avatar) (33 votes)

Fire 15%
Water 18%
Earth 24%
Air 42%

Which element would you choose? Check out the montages if your not sure

Firebending- also able to master lightning bending

waterbending- able to master bloodbending

earthbending- able to master metalbending

airbending- no sub ability yet

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Fire. I would also be capable of bending electricity. How powerful would bloodbending be if a bender mastered it? I'd rather be a water bender if bloodbending can be more powerful than what was shown in the TV series.

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Space/Time Bending =0

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Cool thread by the way.

Probably air bending, since i'm a bit of a pacifist, and airbending seems to be the one that is least lethal. Not to mention, the diverse capabilities of airbending, the possibilities are potentially endless.

Plus its the closest thing to the force the Avatar universe has to offer.

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Air, I can fly and augment my speed and agility.

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I think my personality matches either airbending or waterbending

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Airbending has consistently been portrayed as the most powerful element.

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I don't know how the TV show portrays it, but realistically if you can control Air, you should also be able to generate lightning and heat via wind friction. You could also have limited control over bodies of water and be able to generate storms. And you'd be able to control less-dense earthen substances such as sand and dirt via the wind as well.

For all intends and purposes (again, not clear on Avatar's "rules") assuming your control and power was great enough, Air-bending is basically a more unrefined form of telekinesis.

Also...flying. 'Nuff said.

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Earth bending......... Most likely I would be a villain in the show. Can I have a polearm too?

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Air, I could dry my clothes in the blink of a eye.

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Wow,Airbending is popular! Yip! Yip!

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Earth bending. I studied construction so imagine how fast i could make houses :O i'd go to poor countries and create large houses for those who now live in a small hut with a big family.

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Fire. It's my personality well.

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I'm going to be a smart aleck and say Hydrogen.

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My personality is air bending... i'm super chilled and care free. It's awesome, but at the same time it's a draw back since i get super lazy at things

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I really love Earth bending but I went with water bending. Forget bloodbending being able to heal is what made me stick to water. Plus, I swear years before The Last Airbender I thought of a hero who could control water and ice.

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Bloodbending. Ooohhhh, all the psychotic things I could do to people.


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@m3th: crap forgot to mention healing

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Fire cuz I can also do lighting :)

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Earth. Most solid defense and fairly decent offense. Plus metalbending and that vibration thing Toph did.

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Firebending. it'd be awesome to shoot lightening..

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Suits me well personality wise too.

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None. Sadly I'm not a bender :(

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I'd probably be Fire, although I'd be happy to be any.

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no fire lovers out there lol

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Waterbend. I would just make liquid swords all the time

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Since it goes by which season you were born in i'd be an earth bender since i was born in the spring. but if i had a choice i'd definitely choose fire bending