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I don't even know what to pick here... I assume you mean Cassie for Wonder Girl, and a while ago I would have said I prefer Starfire easily. But now, I dislike them both nearly equally... really hard choice.

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@Ravager4: yeah, I meant Cassie but it's taking me a while to get into their new 52 versions.

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I like both but I pick Wonder Girl, Cassie

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Maybe Starfire.

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I'm gonna have to go with Wonder Girl.

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Art by Jaiden Lourde
Starfire by Candra
Art by Connie Valentina
Art by Alisson Rodrigues
Art by Carlos Silva
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Depends...if its Donna i choose Wonder Girl, if its Cassie I choose Starfire.

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@Primmaster64: it's cassie, if it was donna I'd say Donna Troy.<------ just for the future.