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or anti-villain if there is such a thing.

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I think the hero-villain ratio, especially in DC is in the heroes' favor. I can stand for DC to make more original villains. Like, how many villains does Nightwing have that are his alone? See what I mean?

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@jobbernos said:

or anti-villain if there is such a thing.

Catwoman is kind of an anti-villain.

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Heroes, all day err'day.

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heroes & anti-heroes,

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Thinking about my favorite characters i'd say i probably have a good mix of all three in my taste.

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Good and evil are just illusions and every human has irrational desires and irrational desires drive all super powered humans. Interesting super humans makes for interesting stories.

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I like heroes most. Though anti heroes are good too, just not Liefeld style.

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Usually I lean more towards the "villains" side when it comes to favorites in general.

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As defined on tvtropes: The Anti-Villain is a villain with heroic goals, personality traits, and/or virtues. Their desired ends are mostly good, but their means of getting there are evil. Alternatively, their desired ends are evil, but they are far more ethical or moral than most villains and they thus use fairly benign means to achieve it, and can be downright heroic on occasion.


So yeah, anti-villain is a thing. In order of preference for me: Anti-Villain, Villain, Hero, Anti-Hero.

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Pfft it seems like in modern comics there isn't much difference.

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Most certainly Heroes.

Anti-heroes are Villains in my opinion.

Plus (sadly) this:

@Dernman said:

Pfft it seems like in modern comics there isn't much difference.
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Depends. I would say villains, though there are some pretty epic anti-heroes out there.

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I like anti-heroes the most. Anything can happen in the ground level world of comic books.

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For the most part villains.

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A good anti-hero is always great, but in moderation. With several anti-heroes within the same team or book, it becomes lame. Overall I generally like the hero more often.