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I'm looking to expand my pull list, specifically DC titles. I want to add 5-6 titles, I just cant decide which. Any suggestions? I'm open to anything, however if you know of any particularly good titles that are in the same "family" of titles as my current pull list, thats awesome. I already read


Green Lantern

Superman Unchained


Swamp Thing

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There's a new creative team working on Green Lantern, so we just have to wait and see how this series plays out. Scott Snyder and the Bat crew are working on "Zero Hour" detailing back to Batman's childhood IIRC. And Superman Unchained is somewhat on a rough start. I'll go with the Aquaman and Justice League series IMO. Justice League is at it's beginning to the "Trinity War" and will be one of the biggest events in the New 52 series, thus far.

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Wonder Woman......

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If your name is RedLantern23 why isn't that on your list? Check it out its a good comic. Aquaman, The Flash and Green Arrow are also very good.

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Are you looking for current jump on titles or titles you can find back issues to? For now I'll assume the former.

  • Regrettably, even though I don't like it that much, Trinity War is off to an alright start so I'd recommend picking up Justice League to read that.
  • Also given your name, I'd read Red Lanterns. They have a new creative team and direction with Guy Gardners on that corps now.
  • Green Lantern also has a new creative team but I'd recommend New Guardians or Corps over Green Lantern
  • Finally, Green Arrow is very good.
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  • Wonder Woman - Solid storytelling by Azzarello and good character development.
  • Green Arrow- Lemire got Ollie back to his glory days.
  • Batman/Superman - The book has only one issue but Pak got the book a solid start.
  • Animal Man - Since you are reading Swamp THing they are kinda similliar and earlier they were connected into a story arc and you may like it.It has some solid stories.
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Wonder Woman


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Batwoman is in the same group of titles as Batman, but her title isn't linked to any of the others.

Justice League Dark would probably be pretty good for a Constantine reader.

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Green Arrow is my favorite DC book - but you should treat issue 17 as if it's issue 1.

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Green Arrow is DC's best book right now along with Aquaman. Start from Green Arrow 17. This book is criminally underrated.

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@wolverine08: Maybe it's because he's my favorite, but I consider Green Arrow in general to be criminally underrated.

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Earth 2


Green Arrow

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Green Arrow is underrated. Dudes a bona fide bad ass, but most don't really respect him. Hopefully, Lemire's awesome writing on Green Arrow can change that.

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Green Arrow definitely and I have recently been giving Green Lantern a try and I have been loving it

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Batwoman nightwing green arrow aquaman

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If you are a big Batman fan, I would recommend Detective Comics as well.