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Poll: Which DC Character's ongoing title do u want? (60 votes)

Batman team up(similar to Batman and...) 7%
Booster Gold 17%
Blue Beetle/Ted Kord 22%
Black Manta 5%
Black Adam 18%
Shazam 33%
Cyborg 18%
Captain Cold(since he is part of JL now) 10%
Rogues 18%
Simon Baz 10%
Red Robin 18%
Lex Luthor 13%
Other (specify) 30%

Which of these characters do u think should get an ongoing title?

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Poll percentage looks weird.

Eh I'm good with a

Batman and (Different character every month)

Hawkman new solo


Titans would be great or a book lookin into the past team Grayson apparent led.

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  1. Shazam
  2. Batman and different character every month
  3. Orion
  4. Martian Manhunter
  5. Zatanna
  6. Robin (Damian Wayne)
  7. Rogues
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Oh we definitely need another Batman book, don't have enough of those.

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Forgot Tim Drake needs a title.

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Cyborg on the double!

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Zatanna & Lex Luthor.

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Rogues, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle(Kord)

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Didn't know that so many people want red robin title.

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Martian Manhunter or Red Robin

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I chose other.

I'd sell my soul for a Marguerite Bennett/Clay Mann Lois Lane ongoing (which just became even more of an unattainable wish considering Mann signed an exclusive with Valiant)

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Voted for a Rogues Ongoing & a Booster/Ted series.

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Of that list Shazam, prolly. Though I've been meaning to check out some more past BG stuff so maybe him.

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More J'onn.

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What the hell is DC doing?

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Martian Manhunter, I dont know who I want to write, and Andrea Sorrentino on it(or any character I like) would be amazing

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Shazam plz.

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Mr. Terrific needs another go, but tie this one into the JL. Cyborg needs to get the F outta the JL.

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New gods please.

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@twentyfive: Cyborg sucks.

@avenging_x_bolt: Robins aren't interesting without Batman. They don't have their own exclusive villains and they'll be forced into fighting Batman's auxillary villains like that crap Beware the Batman series.

@mercy_: DC already made a Lois Lane one sucked. The comic ended with Superman saving her...again. Please no...

@madeinbangladesh: My Bengal friend, I agree on the Question series. It would be badassery.

@iragexcudder:@mrnoital: He has no rogues, no supporting characters and he's kind of a thanks to MMH getting a shot.

@catsnlynne: One more couldn't hurt, we only have like 10 of them.

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I would kill (Most likely Paul Dini) for a Poison Ivy ongoing series.

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Batman team up, Black Adam, Shazam, Cyborg, and most importantly, Tim Drake.

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The Question


Captain Marvel

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Seriously... Doom patrol.

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Lois Lane: Not sure what the focus on that would be but doesn't she still have powers?

MMH Rogue Gallery: Despero, Cay'an, Human Flame, Fernus, T.O.Morrow, White Martians they could alway create new villains also... The First Born and Dead King are New 52 creations.

No comment on your Robin comment... Red Robin had a successful series I believe pre52 and has been widely asked for is Grayson and Jason have one I see why not Tim shouldn't.

Damian might be cool also with his LOS connection but I'd prefer that be in Batman and Robin. Maybe him heavily featured more then Batman.

Cyborg is a matter of opinion but he's been asked about for a long time now.

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An Orion or Shazam title would be nice. Especially since Orion could reintroduce the New Gods

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@superguy1591: you're entitled to your opinion. im and Dick both had their own villains as Robin/Red Robin and Nightwing (council of spiders,blockbuster 2,lady Vic.brutale,torque etc.

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@superguy1591: MMH has rogues and supporting supporting characters, just because you don't know about them doesn't mae they aren't there. Besides it's the new 52, they can create new additions to both. And if they made one ,no one would be forcing you to read it.

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getting a good static comic would be good too

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@superguy1591: Don't impose your opinion on me, pal. I don't care if you think he sucks. There are many more people who think he's a great character than those who don't like him.

An ongoing is the foundation for turning any character into a great character. What harm did I do to you by hoping for a Cyborg ongoing?

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New gods with Orion, Banda, Scott and. Lightray as the main features would be my choice. Also have the children of new genesis play a role. Art by Kenneth Rocafort story by Andy Diggle or Scholly Fisch

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Simon Baz and the Blue Lanterns (he has more Blue Lantern potential than anyone else) would be an awesome book.

Red Robin is a close second. Tim needs to branch out from the Teen Titans.

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  • Booster Gold (with Ted and Rip)
  • Cyborg and the Metal Men
  • Red Robin (and Bluebird)
  • Shazam Family
  • Simon Baz, Earth's Green Lantern
  • The Rogues
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For the love of Pete, I want my New 52 Gotham Central title already!

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A Zatanna ongoing would be welcome.

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Batman and Robin are already a team book. Zatanna would be welcome only if Paul Dini wrote it. I don't trust anyone else to fix was nu52 has done to her, turning her into Constantine's Lois lane. Shazam might be nice, give him to Morrison and let him fix Johns' screwed up characterization. Honestly, half the titles on there looking great, but I have a knee jerk wait and see action because I don't know whether the real characters would be in any of those books.

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@squares said:

A Zatanna ongoing would be welcome.

By who?

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Bronze Tiger!!!

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I'd like to read a fun Plastic Man series.

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Doom Patrol, The Rogues, Metal Men, Black Canary, Vixen, Cyborg & Gen 13. We don't need anymore Batman BS.

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I'll take anything with Blue Beetle at this point.

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Cyborg. If your going to put him on the Justice League, the premier of DC, then treat him like it

Doom Patrol. DC seems to be looking for more off beat characters, well here you go.

Characters that I think should get a second stab: I Vampire, Voodoo and Grifter

Dream series: Manhunter (Kate Spencer) with regular appearances by Nemesis