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Both have their good and less good writers.

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Dont they interchange their writer. Like Mark Waid, Grant Morrisson & Mark Millar

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I haven't nor do I expect to reader work from every writer from both DC an Marvel but DC has my favorite writer.

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i think that overall, Marvel has better Authors. Like, across the board, their average would be a 7

While, DC has a range of authors, some like Scott Snyder or Geoff Johns would be very high such as a 9, but they also have some not good authors.

Overall Marvel wins, but DC has certein better authors

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Right now I think Marvel has better writers. A few years back I would've told you DC had better writers, but that shifted recently for me.

Note: This is my opinion.

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So long as Scott Synder is on DC's side, it's Scott Synd---err DC

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Marvel. I'm not going to lie.

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@TheCrowbar said:

So long as Scott Synder is on DC's side, it's Scott Synd---err DC

This is pretty much my answer, except it would be Jeff Lemire for me instead of Scott Snyder.

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For me...Dc has two main guys Snyder and Azzaerello. They are losing Morrison, and not much else afterwards. Marvel has a solid core, Hickman, Fraction, Slott, Bendis and a nice group of up and comers. Bunn, Hopeless, etc...I would say Marvel now (no pun intended) with Image a close second.

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I am going to go with Marvel on this one. DC has many talented writers but there is just to much inconsistency with some writers being top of the class but I feel there is less in the middle ground and a lot at the bottom. Were Marvel has more middle ground writers mixed in with there top writers.

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i want to say DC,but ever since i started reading marvel,bendis,aaron,fraction,waid,hickman all have impressed me quite often

on the other hand,at DC,morrison,snyder,azarello,lemire,tomasi,johns arent doing a less than stellar of a job.....

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@guttridgeb said:

Both have their good and less good writers.

This. But for the moment DC has the edge IMO.

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DC has Morrison, Milligan and Lemire and they're the only decent writers working for either company.