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I've recently read this journal from Neil Gaiman...

It was in 1988, at the World Fantasy Convention in London, in the bar. I was with a bunch of people around a table, and had been interviewing Clive Barker about comics for a book on Clive that would be coming out. After the interview a conversational free-for-all developed -- I remember getting frustrated with Clive's view that comics were lacking something that prose had, because a novel could make him cry while a comic never had. (This was 26 years ago, remember. I have no idea at all if Clive still thinks that way, or if a comic has made him cry in the years between. I hope it has.)

The entire entry can be found here http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2013/02/the-best-advice.html

So now I'm curious which comics have made people cry. I remember many powerful stories in comics, but none that has triggered such an emotional response. I would like to read a few of these stories.

One story that had a powerful impact on me was Vertigo's House of Secrets #12. This issue gave the origin of the Juris member Ruby. Check out her profile on comicvine if you want the jest of the story. I didn't "cry" but after all these years this story really stands out to me.


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Batwoman #0. Not a huge amount, but serious welling up.

Edited. The second #0: "Interlude" that is. The first #0: "Beyond A Shadow" isn't particularly emotional.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose: I've read both. In the second one I was kinda bothered by Kate's father, but I'm assuming you were moved by the sister related storyline. It was a very good book.

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@knighthood:It was when Kate said that Beth used to help her pick out what to wear that got me. It was just so sad.

What bothered you about Jacob?

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Sentry vs the Void
Batman #681 (cried from awesomeness)
Astonishing X-Men #23 (cried from awesomeness)

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I'd give Clive a copy of Animal Man #15 to read.

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The pet avengers. It was awful

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I cry at comics ALL THE TIME.

The final volume of Hitman. Identity Crisis. Volumes 9 + 10 of Sandman. A ton of other books.

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Darkseid vs. Galactus: The Hunger.

That crossover friggin' blows.

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Shazam!: The Power of Hope. Such a touching and beautiful story.

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None, but I came pretty close with an issue of Teen Titans volume 3. I forget the number but it was the issue after Drake's father was killed.

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I came close after reading We3.

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Don't think entertainment has made me cry but 100 Bullets #55 and The Goon: Chinatown made me pretty sad.

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JIM 645 made me sad

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Identity Crisis when Tim Drakes Father was killed with Batman comforting him. A very powerful image, and the whole point was further driven home in Teen Titans when he's trying to keep his father's death a secret and nearly beats the Electricutioner to death in the process.

And then there's the obvious death of Kal-L during Infinite Crisis, with Powergirl by his side.

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When I was a kid, I think I got teary eyed as I was reading an in-depth origin of Superman. It was showing his parents sending their child off and they were crying and holding each other as the planet caved in around them.

It was in some fat, collected edition I got from the library. I think the actual comic might of been from the 70's. Anyway, if I can find screen grabs of it I'll post them. That's the only time though. Books don't really make me cry.

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I cried when Rorschach died in Watchmen... not a lot, but a couple tears. Peter Parker's death in the Ultimate universe had me welling up a bit. Oh, and the ending of The Underwater Welder had me close.

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@V_Scarlotte_Rose said:

@knighthood:It was when Kate said that Beth used to help her pick out what to wear that got me. It was just so sad.

What bothered you about Jacob?

Toying around with "crossing that line" I was about to be peeved if actually went through with it.

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This one is very hard for me. I know I find some stories very tragic well some more then others. I'm trying to think of comics that are. It's very hard for me to think of. I know the part in Justice League #12 The Steve and Wonder Woman dialogue. But it was more of a poor Steve go get revenge kind of swelling up but I never did cry. But then there was The Under The Hood storyline with the Return of Jason. Funny story was the week before the first issue of that storyline came out I had just read Death in the Family. Well that was quite an emotional story for me and was probably one of the few stories that got even me tearing up and tears leaving my eyes. So probably Death and the Family and Under The Hood together got me to cry

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Rorschach's death in the graphic novel and movies were very emotional, as well as the ending to Under the Red Hood (movie), but I don't think I've cried to anything in the past couple of years to be honest.

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Spider-men #3 and 4

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WE3, Pride of Baghdad.

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@minigunman123: nailed it!

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@slade_wilson said:

@minigunman123: nailed it!

I'm so sorry Slade, that Rob Liefeld tried to nearly ruin your comic series! :(

Just know, that I bought every issue as they came out, to try and keep your series going~

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These moments didn't exactly make me cry, but they were pretty emotional when I read them:

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@minigunman123 said:

@slade_wilson said:

@minigunman123: nailed it!

I'm so sorry Slade, that Rob Liefeld tried to nearly ruin your comic series! :(

Just know, that I bought every issue as they came out, to try and keep your series going~

justin series is good

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@knighthood said:

@V_Scarlotte_Rose said:

@knighthood:It was when Kate said that Beth used to help her pick out what to wear that got me. It was just so sad.

What bothered you about Jacob?

Toying around with "crossing that line" I was about to be peeved if actually went through with it.

It was a bit of a bold move on his part, but it payed off as it showed that she could keep her personal feelings out of it when faced with a situation similar to what had happened to her own family.

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I cried during All-Star Superman, Batman Inc.: Vol. 1 #7, and the Astro City comic with The Hanged Man with the guy having dreams about his dead wife.

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Uncanny X-Force #18 (conclusion of the Dark Angel Saga) and Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader.

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Lol anything silver age

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The ending of Trillium for sure.

All-Star Superman and Captain Marvel's death in Kingdom come almost did it for me. Almost.

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I almost cried in Amazing Spider-Man 700 when Peter sees his uncle Ben in "heaven", I know many people didn´t like the issue, but that part, knowing that all that Peter wishes is that his uncle never had died, and specially not by his fault, made that reunion awesome, and just seeing Uncle Ben and Peter in the same page almost made cry, I didn´t even had started reading the dialogues when my eyes started to feel full of water, just seeing their faces was enough for me, and after reading the dialogue it actually made me cry a little bit.

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None because I'm a heartless monster.

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When Illyana died of the Legacy Virus

Spider-Man: Blue

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Y the Last Man #59 and Essex County: The Country Nurse

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Death of Ultimate Spider-Man makes me cry ever single time. EVERY. SINGLE.

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None have really made me cry though there were a few that I found extremely emotional for me.

Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?: Batman and Martha Wayne conversation and Batman's speech and goodbye before finally excepting his death. This was one of the first comics I have ever read and reading that was heartbreaking. Seeing Batman finally just giving in and saying goodbye (or goodnight) to the cast of characters. And his speech I found extremely inspirational. "Everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Every friend betrays me, sooner or later, and every enemy becomes a lover or a friend, but that's the one thing that doesn't change: I don't ever give up...I fight until I drop. And one day, I will drop. But until then, I fight."

Those lines have gotten me through tons of stuff. Thanks Gaiman and Batman!

Mad Love: The way Harley is treated and how misguided she was. Its just really sad to watch go down. She is hopelessly in love and yet she keeps getting mistreated and tricked by the one she loves most. Harley's whole tale is a tragedy.

Identity Crisis: Tons of sad stuff happened in the Identity Crisis. Robin lost his dad, the fall of Jean Loring, Firestorm's meaningless death though none really touched me as much as the Elongated Man and Sue's story. They took the two most fun and innocent characters of the DC universe and made them the two most tragic people in the universe. Seeing Elongated Man's reactions to the death of Sue was sad to watch. They destroyed the innocent.

Those are all I can think of right now.

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I don't think I've ever fully cried but there were times where I got teary-eyed.

Elongated Man finding his wife's body, Flash: Blitz, Y: The Last Man's ending, For The Man Who Has Everything, several times in All-Star Superman and several times in the Death and Return of Superman arcs.

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Hitman 52, Hitman 60 , Spectre 62 & Daytripper

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The last panels of Superman Birthright do the trick everytime. I don't think any other comic does that to me.

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This thread has been done a ton of times.....,but yes, Saga makes me cry on a semi-monthly basis.

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Didn't matter that he wasn't "real"