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So with my birthday coming up tomorrow I figure I'm probably going to get a bit of cash to spend and I've had a few comics on my wishlist now that I've really wanted to pick up for some time. But which one is the best? Are any not worth picking up? Let me hear your thoughts! The list is as follows: 300, Marvel 1602, Green Lantern: Blackest Night, Avengers vs X-Men (whole collected edition), Batman: The Court of Owls (Vol. 1) and a Daredevil trade paperback from the Bendis and Maleev run

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I'd go with Court of Owls or Marvel 1602. Both of those are very good reads.


That particular volume of Green Lantern is a bit context-heavy if I remember correctly, so just keep that in mind if you want to buy it.

No idea how 300 is as a comic book.

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Batman and Daredevil

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I'd choose Daredevil.

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@MasterAction: 1602 was stuuupid