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Who would you fear more (character wise). personality and physical attributes. also, let's just say you got on v's bad side, so his morals are off.

Also, can you describe the personality of these three characters? if you would, please.

1. Khan

2. V for Vendetta


3. Joker (heath ledger version)

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@nationalvendetta: I might as well do it, I would probably be afraid of khan the most, joker in second, and v third. Khan doesn't hesitate to kill, he views people as an annoyance, unlike the joker, who toys with people before he kills them. V is a person I would look up to so definitely not him, but I would not want to get on his bad side to say the least.

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V is a good guy, wouldn't be afraid of him any more than I would be of Superman.

Joker got stopped by Nolan Batman, 'nuff said.

Khan is a hyper intelligent superhuman badass. No reason not to be afraid of him.

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Eeaassiillyy Joker. V most likely wouldn't care about me, period. Khan wouldn't care about me as an individual. Either way, they'd already have made up their minds if we came into contact whether they would kill me or not. With Joker, it'd be all about uncertainty. He might kill me, he might not. He'll definitely scare me first. If on a whim, he decides I die, I die. The longer I'm alive the more likely that whim will occur. And he'll keep messing with me and getting responses, and I'll be terrified of doing something wrong that will set him off. It's all about the head games. Even if he doesn't kill me, the experience will be entirely more frightening than Khan or V coming and straight-up killing me.

Edit: If it's Ledger's Joker, I'd be less scared of him than ^that, but I think I'd still be most scared of him.

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V is a hero. You only have to be afraid of him if you're a bad guy.

For me, the Joker's home video was one of the most chilling scenes ever done by a villain. So awesome.

Logically Khan would win though.

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Oh, yeah. And Heath Ledger's Joker is portrayed by....Well, Heath Ledger. Probably the 2nd least intimidating man ever to have lived. Second only to Danny La Rue.

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@sheenlantern: Batman might have one physically, joker won psychologically. That was the goal of joker though, the joker wanted to break batmans spirit, and thats what he did.

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None. If I met the Joker I'd die of happiness, not fear.


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V is a joke...im more afraid that Care Bears might attack me on jupiter, during my presidential campaign in 2154 AD.

Joker....great character....one of my favs, but not scary in any versions....at all.

Khan....a super intelligent, super strong mad man who wants to control the universe by any means necessary. with no regard to human life ore suffering....hard to say this isn't scary, minus the intelligence, this happens often enough to be realistic and a serious threat.

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@mitran: I think heaths version was the scariest

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If I were locked in a room with them, Khan, because he'd kick my a** very, very easily.

But if they are hunting me down, Joker, he wouldn't just hurt me, he'd kill everyone I cared about...in a comical fashion.

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khan, unless i had superpowers too.