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Say both of these are made of the same material. Ignoring the coolness factor and who the armors belong too, which armor is better in practicality and mobility and why? Also ignore the missing arm, just imagine both arms are symmetrical to the right arm, same for A.

A. Random knight

B. Chinese Warrior

C. Deathstroke Armor (Arkham Origins)

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Obviously not B, since he's missing an arm.

That said, I would probably go A since they are now all made of the same material. And I pick it because it's better ventilated than the sweat-box DS wears. (Plus he has no groin protection, remember the important bits)

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C. B misses a hand. A's shoulder is... Unpractical.

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C It's Death freaking Stroke of course he's is the best.

A looks to heavy but it'll protect you.

B looks like it has good mobility but lacks protection since dude is missing an arm lol.

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I don't think any of them are very practical or mobile. Also, C must weigh a ton if it's made of the same material the others are.

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Am I the only one that liked pre n52 Slade's outfit the best?

I'll go A because I like having both eyes and my hand. The shoulder plate is unnecessary though.

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@anbu_b_team: Okay, by that logic, the first two are carbon fiber too, which is a pretty bad choice of materials.

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Deathstroke's armor.

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Armor A looks like if the guy turns his head, he could poke his eye out with the spikey thing coming out of his shoulder. Armor B guy better be careful he doesn't trip over his chain, and Deathstroke could be wearing his protection for his important parts inside his pants.

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depends what they're protecting against.

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IMO it would be A as it covers more parts of your body, but it looks heavy as f*** and it would require like at least 50 in strenght to efficently move in it. If weight wouldn't be a problem i would definitely pick A.

second is C.

third is B as it looks slighly more practical than A, but not nearly as protective.