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There are many cool characters in Marvel and dc but there are some that we wish didn't exist.

Who are your 5 characters that you really hate?

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1. Batman Oh my god I hate batman

2. Cyclops

3. Spider Man

4. Luke Cage

5. Aunt May

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I left off characters like mad jim jaspers who annoy me but dont appear often enough

1. Deadpool - i don't like the 4th wall thing, I consider him a knockoff of deathstroke, he has a million backstories, and his character in general sucks.

2. Namor - I just don't like him, i don't like the way he looks like a muscular elf mixed with hermes.

3. The Genltleman Ghost - Never seen him in a good storyline, always seems to just take up space issues in hawkman titles.

4. Jaime Reyes - worst person to assume a major mantle

5. Red Hulk - I just have never liked General Ross and I hated the red hulk comic books, giving hulk control in any version ruins what the hulk is supposed to be.

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Namor, Guy Gardner, Namor, Guy Gardner and also Namor

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Red Hulk



Hope Summers

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I don't think there are any characters who I actually hate.

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Emma Frost

I don't really hate anyone else apart from them. I dislike current Venom but I don't hate him.

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5. Wolverine: Actualy I love the ol canuckle head, but I just can't love the way he's been portrayed for the last decade.

4. Lex Luthor: Every story in wich he's the major baddie I'm just like 'meh'. Use some other villain in a Supes story for once.

3. Namor: The attitude makes him seem like a badass yet he looks like an elf in spandex undies.

2. Any X men character created in the last 15 years.

1. Robert Kirkman: Most overrated writer in comics imo. And yes, he really is just a comic book character.

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Deadpool, Namor, Green Arrow, Thor

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1.hal jordan- not the best green lantern and boring character

2.falcon- lame ass sidekick marvel should get rid of him

3. hope- never cared for her.

4. wasp- she's annoying

5. colssosus- he has no personality to me.

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Cabbot Stone


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1. Batman- he isn't has great as everyone thinks he is, he is powerless but all he does is save people. So i can easily save someone.]

2. Hulk, so stupid and annoying

3. Captain America - thinks he is the best, well he is not.

4. Cyclops, just don't like because he is with jean grey, when she should be with Wolverine

5. Blade- he kind of weird since he is a vampire his self but he kills other vampires

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5. Daken- He's smug, I hate smug/conceded characters 4. Cyclops- I don't hate him per se, but he's been extremely annoying the past decade or so 3. Namor- See Answer for ''Daken'' 2. Punisher- I don't like his morals, or lack of there of. 1. Emma Frost - She is the biggest female dog I've seen in any form of media, and she's like that for no good reason.
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5. Thor

4. Cyclops

3. Storm

2. Mr. Fantastic

1. Red Hulk

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1.) Patriot, he just comes off as such a huge d-bag.

2.) Xavier, again a huge hypocrite. I truly think Xavier has a secret mutant subservience fetish.

3.) Fantomex, arrogant for the sake of being arrogant.

4.)Captain America, just solely for how he began AvX. Seriously who does that! "Hey the world is in danger, oh by the way if you don't comply we're going to war,"

5.)Storm, solely because of her fans.

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@daak1212 said:

1. Batman Oh my god I hate batman

2. Cyclops

3. Spider Man

4. Luke Cage

5. Aunt May


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Can really only name 2. 
1. Renee Montoya- Sorry DC, you can dress up someone in Q's outfit but that doesn't make them Question. Vic Sage is Question, end of story there was no point in killing him off. (Even though hes supposedly coming back, but even so.) 
2. Wonder Woman- I dunno, I suppose I tolerate her more then anything. But I can't really explain as to why I dislike/tolerate her...its just one of those things.

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1. All of the Venoms (excluding Flash Thompson, i actually don't mind him)

2. Red Tornado

3. Elongated Man

4. Impulse

5. Billy Batson

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I don't hate characters, I hate writers.

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  1. Batman: I like Batman's concept, but the way he is written most of the time and its fans are the things that I dislike.
  2. Wolverine: Same as Batman.
  3. Hulk: Same as Wolverine and Batman.
  4. Punisher: Same as everyone on this list so far.
  5. Superman: Well... yeah, same reason as everyone else on this list.
  6. Storm: Just because its fans, they are kind and good people, but sometimes annoying.
  7. Spider-man: I just dislike the way he is written recently, is just... nevermind. But I damn love the character, it's great.
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1. Sentry: Stupidly overpowered. Also a really boring and unnecessary character.

2. Squirrel Girl: Extremely annoying, also the fact that she somehow keeps managing to beat all these powerful characters is also really stupid. The way she talks really irritates me as well.

3. Hulk: Not necessarily the character as such but his fan boys, but some incarnations of him I think are a bit over the top.

4. Iron Man: I've always thought of him as really sly in some cases and I really hated him during the Civil War arc.

5. Superman: Nothing really appeals to me about the character, always thought of him as quite boring to be honest. It's not much of hate, just dislike him a bit.

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Green Arrow: I don't know, he is so fool....

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandmark): She is really boring. I prefer Donna Troy as Wonder Girl.

Spider Woman: She thinks that she is something....

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Batman - because of fans

Superman - because of his being a goody two shoes and such a arrogant SOB

Wolverine - because of fans

Cyborg - like him but when compared to MMH he flies straight out the window

Red Hulk - supposedly a "good guy" now...until he is bad he will be on Top 5 hated...

I do like all of the above though but they are the bottom of the pile for me.

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1. jean gray

2. Sentry

3.sentry and jean gray

4.even more sentry and jean gray

5. howard the duck

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@daak1212 said:

1. Batman Oh my god I hate batman

2. Cyclops

3. Spider Man

4. Luke Cage

5. Aunt May

how dare you!!! lol

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1. Spiderman (he's never funny and his villains are way cooler than him)

2. Deadpool (not funny)

3. Cyclops he's a douchebag

4. Hal Jordan<Kyle Rayner and he's a douche

5. Sakura from Naruto clearly not a comic book character but manga is close and I really really really hate her