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I have been a comic fan for a while now and also like other things that are considered "Geek" material e.g. Doctor Who.

But I have never got into Transformers mainly because I never knew where to start.

So I ask good place to start ... A cartoon?? Comics?? ... I know not to start with the movies ... But I hear the 2 video games "Fall of cybertron" are good place, what do you Transformer fans think??

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I guess you could start with G1( The original series) from the 1980s.

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Bump ...

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Beast Wars was awesome(personally I preferred seasons two and three are better than season one)

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I started with the movies and I only buy Transformers movies toys. I have not bought Transformers toys in a while since Transformers 4 film is still far away so I save a lot of money.

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Could you help? :)

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@FiguredOut95: Well as far as cartoons go I would recommend the TF Prime series it is the newest cartoon.If you want to see where it all started maybe have a look at the G1 series,though its not a great cartoon with a great story but its still fun.My favourite part of the original series is the 1986 movie.Beast Wars is also a great way to start.

As for comics maybe could make some recommendations.

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Play War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron.

Also read Transformers Exodus

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If you want to start with comics, last year two comic series called Robots in Disguise and More than Meets they Eye began and they continue off from the one-shot "Death of Optimus Prime". I believe both series are at like issue 12 right now and I think Death of Optimus Prime is a good place to start. If you want to read earlier stuff, IDW has been releasing volumes of all the comics in chronological order, though I will warn you that they cost quite a bit. Last I checked, volume 1 was like 40 or 50 dollars on amazon and the subsequent volumes have been around 30 dollars. There have also been some recent stories which chronologically take place in certain parts of volume 1, like the Autocracy story which is supposed to take place after the "Megatron Origin" story but Autocracy itself isn't in the volume.

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@MrDirector786: Thanks