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I live in Newcastle and we only have two comic shops, Forbidden Planet and Travelling Man, which means I buy most of my stuff online. However, I am struggling to find any good online stores to buy graphic novels at a decent price. I've been to Amazon, ebay, and Forbidden Planet, but I can never find any good deals there, does anyone know of any good websites that sell graphic novels at a reasonable price?

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Amazon UK, always works fine for me. Sometimes you have to hunt around the used books sections to find good deals, but you can find some pretty cheap buys most of the time. 
Also, The Forbidden Planet, both versions, are pretty reasonably priced anyway.
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Amazon is generally brilliant, I find. Always cheaper than any store.

If ever you're in the south, Dave's Comics (Brighton) is the best store in the UK; check it out!

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Reed Comics has a great online store and they're fairly priced too. Other than that I just stick to Amazon or eBay.

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@mcauburn: wey! fellow Geordie! Head to the quayside market on a Sunday. There's a longbox seller there most weeks. He has a shop in Bishop Auckland if you can't wait til the weekend. Likewise, try the Tynemouth Market in tynemouth metro station on the weekends; often worth a good rummage.

Also try oxfam bookshop and other 2nd hand and charity bookstores areound town, you'd be surprised what you find!

There used to be one near Sunderland Metro station if you're willing to crossover to the darkside, and other than that you'll have to look at getting on a train, Edinburgh, York and Leeds are all 1 stop away and have a fair choice of stores. I'm up in Glasgow at the moment (couple of hours drive/train) and have counted 5 here so far.

Some of my best finds are from Dave's! Love their shop(s)! So jealous of Brighton folk for that! USELESS at shipping stuff out though!

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@mcauburn: Sometimes when you shop in WH Smith, you get vouchers for £5 any book over £10, or £5 off when you spend £15, or whatever. If you get a voucher like that, have a look and see what you can get with it. Getting an £11 book for £6 is pretty good. :)

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Thanks for all the help, haven't been to Tynemouth or Quayside markets in ages so I think I'll pop down some time.

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The Forbidden Planet in London has a massive selection if you're ever in there anyway.

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Dave's Comics in Brighton if you're ever down there, ReedComics.com, Amazon UK and eBay are where I find the best stuff for reasonable prices. If you ever come across a place called The Comic Guru, avoid it like the plague.