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So with marvel's phase 2 almost here with iron man 3. I was wondering where is hawkeye he's not in iron man 3. Thor 2 is almost done filming so to late for him to be in there. I heard that Black Widow is going to share the lead role in cap 2 and fury and hill are going to have big roles in to so hawkeye should have a role in it to right? well he never got confirmed for any phase 2 movies yet and filming for cap 2 starts soon so there's still hope for him to be in that movie right? i guess he could have a cameo in guardians of the galaxy but i don't see how he would fit in to the story cause isn't it like in 2045 or something? do any of you guys want to see hawkeye in a phase 2 movie before the avengers 2 because i do!!!!

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Nah, I actually thought he wasn't that cool...

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Avengers 2? I wouldn't mind them giving him a break, the general audience already knows who he is so there's no danger from that.

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I want to see Hawkeye and lots of him.

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I could see Hawkeye as a support character in the new Captain America maybe, but he wouldn't really fit anywhere else I think. I hope they just make him good in Avengers 2 because he wasn't given the respect he deserves in the first movie.

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He deserves a solo movie. Well actually he should co headline something with Black Widow. They were the most interesting part of the Avengers.

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@monkeystarship: The dynamic between BW and Hawkeye were what caught my eye. To have just BW is a nice eye candy treat, but I really want a semi plausible buddy flick between the two of them. Possibly something that ties into their past so we can see it.

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Given The Black Widows ties to espionage in Russia I am excited to see what, if any, relationship she is said to have had with the Winter Soldier. She could just be there for exposition saying "yeah the Winter Soldier was around" or they could give them some weird romantic backstory. Im hoping for the former. It would be nice to see Hawkeye around but I personally don't think the character can support his own film yet. It would be good to see him in the Shield Tv show.

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@mszekeresh: yeah him being in the shield tv show would be awesome,but its a tv show so could they get a actor like Jeremy Renner on it?

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Maybe he'll appear in Thor again.

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I thought the winter soldier was Bucky, not the Steve Rogers cap, or is that wrong?

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@abdep: You are correct, WS is Bucky but the movie is going to be allot about Cap, and his adjustment to the modern world as well.

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I've always thought it is possible that Hawkeye could cameo in Iron Man 3. Not saying it will happen but I see it as a possibility.

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@bluelantern1995: yeah but don't you think they would have told us by now,it comes out in less than a month