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What ever happened to Elixir & Prodigy?

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They lived happily ever after.

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I don't even know. Ritchie is one of my favorite Marvel characters, hands down.

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2 more characters added to the wasted Marvel Characters potential...

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Its sad how they just cant seem to keep any of the cool teen team together. Nearly all those ACADEMY X kids are M.I.A. (the ones still alive anyway). I remember being PO'd as a kid when they did that mess with the GENERATION X crew...

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The X-Men franchise quite simply has too many characters for Marvel to deal with.

The only way I can see more of these characters showing up is if Marvel tossed them into non-X related titles.

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they are living it up in the hotel marvel limbo

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I can't remember when I saw Elixir last but judging from the fact that the Cuckoos are now staying in Logan's School I assume that the X-kids who were placed in protective custody during AvX might have been sent to Logan's school Prodigy included. But assumptions is all I can give you.