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I actually haven't read any eu material of star wars(Only eu exposure being video games and tv shows).But this sounds very interesting.I know that there is a novel that has these events(Legacy of the force? i think),and i'm sure that it's been adapted in a comic book or graphic novel.Also i'm new.So i apologize if i posted this in the wrong part of the forums.

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No, it has not be adapted into a comic. It's a book series called "Legacy of the Force." Specifically, Mara dies in Sacrifice (which is the same book where Jacen becomes "Darth Caedus")

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@JediXMan: You've gotta be kidding me.Wow.I mean it sounds like such a big event in Luke's Life(and star wars for that matter).Well do you happen to have any Expanded Universe recommendations?I'm quite a big fan of Luke from the movies.I''ve already put "Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison" on my list of "Graphic Novels to get"(Loose sense,basically anything bigger than an average comic,the killing joke for instance) in case you would recommend it