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the title says it all, personally i love geoff johns but scott snyder is really rising with his batman and superman unchained had a great first issue but also his book from valiant "the wake" is amazing! Only one issue was released but it has me hooked.

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A tie between Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder.

Eh, who am I kidding? Grant Morrison all the way!

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Grant Morrison.

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Hard one. I like so many. I love Remender's take on Captain America. KSD is great on Captain Marvel, Brubaker's run on Captain America was stellar, Busiek, Waid, Stern, of course you have the bonafide legends, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby. I can't narrow it down to one.

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Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and Alan Moore.

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Grant Morrison at this point.

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I'm not sure if you can call him my "favorite", but the only writer doing more than one book I'm reading is Brian Wood.

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I really like Geoff Johns.

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Rick Remender.

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Mark Waid. He is easily one of the top five writers in comics right now, and ALWAYS brings quality work to any character he writes.

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Sorry if I sound like a prick but just a couple corrections:

-"Who" is your favorite writer

-The Wake is a Vertigo title

Anyway, at the moment my favorite writers are (with an example title as to why in parentheses):

Matt Fraction (Immortal Iron Fist, but anything really)

Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar)

Rick Remender (Captain America)

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Grant Morrison, no question.

Followed closely by early-Millar, Hickman, Brubaker, Waid, Johns, and Moore.

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I'm behind on the New 52, but so far I really enjoy both Scott Snyder's and Geoff Johns work.

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Whats your favorite writer ?

I usually prefer them human but I'll admit those Martian poets have a certain way with words

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Neil Gaiman

then Morrison

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Snyder has some good "sad" moments.

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Really Enjoy Rick Remender and Mark Waid's work right now.

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1. Scott Snyder

2. Alan Moore

3. Mark Waid

4. Geoff Johns

5. Robert Kirkman

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grant morrison, scott snyder, alan moore, and geoff johns. Probably going with Alan Moore as my fav though

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I'm surprised Mark Waid isn't getting more love here.

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Brian Wood, Brian K. Vaughn, and Brian Azzarello......... I only read books by guys name brian.

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I love Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison.