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I was wondering what my fellow viners favorite all time single comic book issue was.

Mine would be Grant Morrisons JLA #14, this is in the middle of the Rock Of Ages storyline where the black racer goes around as death watching all the future justice leaguers die. My favorite moment has to be when he comes to the atom an it says "like a scientist he asks a question. An i respond yes" this pretty much brought me to tears for how beautiful it was.

Coming in as a close 2nd is Detective Comics #872 written by Scott Snyder & illustrated by Jock, this is where my fav hero of all time(Dick Grayson) has infiltrated the dealers auction where everyone is wearing gas masks an hes auctioning off the crowbar joker used on jason. Just an extremely creative story with outstanding artwork with exceptional writing.

What are your favorite comic book issues?

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Men of Good Fortune, The Sandman #13.

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Not only was this Peter David's final issue of his original Hulk run, but it highlighted how he understood the character on levels that NOBODY else had or ever will. It was both "it's been fun" and "f*%k you, Bobbie Chase" at the same time. Whenever anybody tries to say Hulk is a one note character this is the issue I point to.

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@jedixman: loved that issue all around fantastic

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Sandman #31 Three Septembers and a Janurary and New X-Men #127 of living and dying

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Impossible to choose.

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Robin 10 where Dick Grayson as Robin shows up out of nowhere while Tim is Robin and the two work together. I love how Tim gets a bit self conscious and annoyed by the younger Robin. Its also enjoyable because it lets you see how the two differ as Robin, one is a better acrobat while the other is a better detective.

My second favorite issue is Nightwing 25. Its just a fun little story of Nightwing and Robin with blindfolds on hanging out on a train and just talking about girls, being Robin, and other things. Its just nice seeing the brotherly relationship between the two.

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@juliedc: i remember reading that nightwing issue an loving it

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