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I just bought my first comic because I saw it at the convenience store for like $3. I had to decide between Action Comics, Detective Comics, and Teen Titans. I bought Teen Titans #7. What was the first comic you owned?

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Hmmm... i think it was an issue of Silver Surfer.

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I was in elementary school, and I was obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog.

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floppy: A free comic book day copy of conan and the first i bought was ACtion number one by grant morrison

GN: Crisis on infinite earths aka the greatest event ever

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pretty sure mine was hellboy: seed of destruction.

either that or a sin city one.

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I'm not sure about the very first one I owned because my mom bought me lots when i was young. But the first one i really DO remember picking out myself, and getting was......... Uncanny X-men 138, the aftermath of the Dark Pheonix saga (1980, wow, i was 3!?!? and i remember it...weird)

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you guys are making me feel REALLY old.......sigh...

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Dont recall the number, but it was an issue of the Punisher guest starring Spider-Man. Bought at a grocery store back in the mid to late 80's.

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As an adult, Watchmen pb.

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First one I received: Marvel Master Works Spider Man Volume 1

First one I bought: ShadowHawk Resurrection

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the uncanny x-men feat. spider-man crossover with him taking on marrow. i bought it from fiesta when i was a kid. it was pretty good read though.

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For DC, right around after I read Tower of Babel

For Marvel, cause I thought the replaced the X-men lol

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And i still read him!

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Uncanny X-Men #245. Cover and interior by Rob Liefled with Wolverine sporting some serious Youngblood's disease on the cover. Got it from a fourth grader when I was a second grader. I'm 31 now, and still read comics. I lost that comic somewhere between five moves, but recently re-bought it at this years Megacon, just as a nostalgia for what got me started.

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Contest of Champions, the original run...i dont think it was new at the time, but dang im old lol

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Not sure because I was very young but I think that one:

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An issue of The Amazing Spider-Man guest-starring The Hulk.

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DC vs MARVEL ...

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Spawn #129

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It came with one of the old Marvel Legends Captain America action figures...

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I have no idea. Probably an X-Men comic book.

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I've read comics as long as a I can remember. My dad is a comic fan, so I started off quite young reading his. I learned basic reading skills from comic books. So I can't really recall my first actual comic. But I can remember the first comic that was a favorite of mine:

DC Comics Presents Annual #3 (1984)

In it the mainstream Superman, the Golden-Age Superman from Earth-2, and Captain Marvel (Shazam!) team-up to fight Dr. Sivana who has stolen the power of Shazam! for himself using one his inventions.

As a kid, Captain Marvel and Superman were like my first favorite super-heroes, because in my kid mind I naively thought the most powerful super-hero = the best super-hero. So in my mind, this was the the ultimate team-up. I ate it up.

And no, I didn't read it brand-new off the racks. I would have been a 1-year old if that were the case. This issue was in my dad's collection.

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The Bloodties Marvel Avengers X-Men crossover though I had been reading comics before that it was just the first my Dad gave me to have.

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My house has had comics in it since before I was born... but me owning personally would probably have to be The Walking Dead #1.

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When I was young and not collecting : The Death of Superman TPB (still have it to this day in excellent condition)

When I did finally start collecting : the whole set of Blackest Night

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I believe it was JLA 80-Page Giant.

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@cosmicallyaware1: You should still share. :)

Mine was The Untold Legend of the Batman #2. I got it out of a cereal box. True story.

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Secret Wars vol 1 #1. what a great way to start!

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