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Hey all. Right now, which book is best scratching your bat-itch. For me it comes down closely between Batman and Robin and Batman Inc. In the end though, I have to go with Batman Inc. I love the writing and the type of story being told. I love the art (even though that seems to be a big point of controversy among fans). I love the quirks and strange turns it takes (like the introduction of Bat-Cow and Damien becoming vegetarian).

Whats your favorite book and why?

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Got to go with Batman. Never disappointed me. I am reading Inc. but not a fan of the art and I think Morrison could do better. Don't read Batman and Robin or the The Dark Knight so can't say. I started reading Detective Comics and it's okay. I am loving Legends of the Dark Knight. Love the one shot stories. Issue 3 with the letters written to Batman was my favorite.

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@MrShway88: Batman and Robin is actually really good. I don't know of anyone who flat out doesn't like the series.

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Batman Incorporated. I like seeing the Bat-family and their associates working together, it's the most fun, interesting, and creative Bat-book on the shelves, it doesn't suffer from needless tie-ins or crossovers, it hasn't felt as if it were dragging on, and it actually makes me feel a sense of danger for certain characters.

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Inc CANT be tied with 'TEC. I won't allow it

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Batman is definitely the best series of the entire Bat-family, right now. I haven't even bought a single issue of Batman Inc., the first two issues confused me and seemed a tad odd. Not sure why, they just didn't pique my interest.

Batman and Robin is another really good one, and Catwoman's pretty fun, but I haven't gotten some of the latest issues. Batgirl has been picking up some speed and is now one of my favorites, it used to be just one of the ones I got out of necessity for understanding the Bat-family's antics.

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Early days, but I think Snyder is fast becoming one of the All-Star writers for Batman.

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Snyder's Batman is consistently excellent - so it gets my vote.

Tomasi's Batman & Robin has had some better moments in terms of "epicness" but it has also dipped in quality from time to time.

Detective was god-awful for a while there. Layman has brought it to respectability, but I don't think think it's in the "must-buy" category.

Inc. is written by Grant Morrison. While the man is a visionary creative - blah, blah, blah, I just don't find his stuff as compelling as I used to. Lately I feel like he's been more interested in giving me weirdness than telling a story.