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We all know comics cost $2.99, right?  But they are hitting us for $3.99 for S.I. and F.C. and why?  The only difference I can come up with is the semi-hard cover and for an extra-buck they can keep that!  (they can keep the $4 for S.I. but I really like F.C. and I am only on issue #3, back to my point)  So, I did a little research about the $2.99 and is that worth spending on the books we enjoy. 
First, all books are not created equal!  Remember when the PRICE use to be real visible on the cover?  Now it is hide and seek!  DC does the best job and not by much because they print it in bold but (DC, Marvel, Dark Horse or Crossgen) wants the consumer to realize how much they just spent.  Next, what happened to telling the reader what month and year the comic is on the cover? Three of the four still do this, Marvel doesn't.  I always like that feature and if you are a true collector, I would think you would too.  Dark Horse only gives you 28 pages vs. the 32 pages of DC and Marvel but more on that below.

DC gets another boost here because they are still getting approved by the C.C.A. on some titles.  I grew up with the Comic Code Authority and I think it is time they take back over control of some of the industry.  Now before I get hanged here, hear me out.  You can still have your mature titles and such but the language (ex. %*&^ing) is getting out of control especially in Marvel.  Everybody knows what that word is and I don't think it has a place in an Avenger comic book or Secret Invasion.  You can express yourself without using that language people have been doing for 1000's of years and if Marvel can not hire writers with a vocabulary that doesn't included those words maybe they should change their recruitment demographics.  I work in a library and that is #1 complaint from all age groups about books is too much offensive language throughout all ages of people!  Plus, the degradation of heroes by having them sleep around, beat their wives and drug and alcohol abuse.  These characters are suppose to be role models for kids!  Some in the industry will say that that our intend age group is young adults.  Tell that to your toy market division and the after school and saturday cartoons!

What has changed in the book that you buy each month?  DC, Marvel and Crossgen give you 32 pages vs. Dark horse 28 pages but what is in those pages in 2008.  Crossgen, I can't tell you but in 2003, 7 were advertisement and you paid $2.95.  Dark Horse, you only got 28 pages but only 6 pages of for $2.99.  DC and Marvel, you get 32 pages but 10 of them are ADVERTISEMENT!   In 2006, Marvel comics only had 7 pages out of 32 for $2.99.  In 1985, Marvel comics had & pages of ADS out a 32 page comic which sold for 60 cents.  In 1991, 8 out of 32 pages were ads and it sold for $1.00.  in 2007, DC had only 9 pages out 32 for $2.99.  In 2004, MArvel had a 48 page special for $3.50 and it only had "9" pages of ads.  In 1981, they had a double-sized issue, which had 9 pages of ads out of a 50 paged comic for 75 cents. 

The bottom line we are getting screwed, especially on this special events like S.I. and F.C. and C.W. and all the connecting issues the hang on.  When it comes to value for your $, we as fans are getting majorly short changed.  Another issue I have is having other artist do the cover and not the art in the book, why?  If I bought the book because I liked the cover art so much don't you think I would like him to do the rest!  That and the variant covers they can stick where the sun don't shine!  Just make one cover that way I am not paying the extra $1 for someone to make 5 different cover, I just want one to read and I never get the one I want anyway!  The bottom line we as fans, in my opinion, have never been getting as hosed this bad in the history of comics!  At least, when the industry collapsed they pretty much left our characters alone and comics weren't this expensive!

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Yea so..Go Marvel.

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Mhmmm.... alrighty then