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Nolan's Batman trilogy was amazing, with the finale being outstanding, but we all know it's going to be rebooted. Now if they're going to make a JL movie (Superman Batman GL Wonder Woman and Flash), they need to put Batman in a more unrealistic world, although I wouldn't mind tech characters. What Villians/Arcs/Characters etc. would you guys like to see. Personally I'd love to see Killer Croc, Hush and maybe even Deathstroke. I'd also like to see them have Robin, but not as a sidekick more of a partnership(with a side story), kinda like Blake was in TDKR.

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Clint Eastwood as old Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie.

I'm going to keep saying that until it happens.

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@JediXMan said:

Clint Eastwood as old Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie.

I'm going to keep saying that until it happens.

I like it. Nice choice.

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  • Robin
  • The real Batmobile
  • Sci-fi/fantasy stuff (like lazarus pits, Mr. Freeze, Joker falling into chemicals, Killer Croc, venom, etc.)
  • Villains I'd like to see include Clayface, Hush, Black Mask, Mad Hatter, Mr. Freeze, Firefly, and Hugo Strange.
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Well in the first one introduce Batgirl and Dick Grayson and introduce Joker. For the second I would like the killing joke.

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@menaceforever said:

Well in the first one introduce Batgirl and Dick Grayson and introduce Joker. For the second I would like the killing joke.

I'm not sure if I want another Joker, at least for awhile after Ledger.

Maybe the Riddler with Batman getting back to his detective roots.

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Riddler,Tim Drake, and Oracle. I also want it to begin after he's been Batman for a number of years

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I would like to see more of the Batfamily

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wasn't this thread done already?

still my answer remains. A real Batman movie, with a genius Bruce Wayne, making his gadgets, being a detective and fighting super villains with his sidekicks and the Batfamily. And a cameo from some A list character

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Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon.

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Michael Fassbender.

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An unrealistic batman.

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I want the Court of Owls storyline adapted and please no origin story this time around. I don't think we need to sit through Bruce Wayne becoming Batman again

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More comic bookish/unrealistic Batman.

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Batman Beyond

Terry has the supporting cast, Bruce as his mentor, Dana Tan as his love interest, along with others such as Barbara Gordon, Max, and even Terry's mother and little brother. He has plenty of villains from his own rogues gallery that could easily be adapted into the movies. Plus with today's technology, creating a futuristic Gotham City wouldn't be that hard.
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The first movie could be Batman's origin, villain could be Black Mask. Second movie could be his finding of Dick Grayson (Age 16 or 17, 9 is kind of stupid), and Joker can be main villain. A Teen Titans movie in between two and three. Third could be Dick Grayson's (now 19) turn to Nightwing, either Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, or Two-Face could be villains, and Jason Todd becomes Robin at the end. The reason for those villains is that I want a recurring theme in the trilogy to that Batman creates all of his villains (burns Black Mask's face, scares Joker into chemicals, etc.)

A sequel quadrilogy would start with Joker's return, and go through the death of Jason Todd. The second could be an adaptation of Year Three mixed with an adaptation of A Lonely Place of Dying, and showcase Two-Face's origin with Tim becoming Robin. The third could be ten years in the future, with Damian appearing, and Ra's and Talia can be main villains, movie ends with Damian becoming Robin, and Tim retiring. The fourth could be an adaptation of Under the Hood, Jason is back from the dead as Red Hood, finds Tim first and speaks with him, causing him to come out of retirement to find him and becomes Red Robin. Black Mask returns and fights ensue, Nightwing and Damian get involved too. Movie ends with both Bruce's and Jason's deaths, and Dick becomes Batman.

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@JediXMan said:

Clint Eastwood as old Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie.

I'm going to keep saying that until it happens.

I like that one.

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Good performances by the actors and a good plot throughout the films.

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An actor who WANTS TO PLAY BATMAN! It's clear bale is fed up with this role and it shows in the movie. If this film followed the plot of the knightfall story line it wild introduce more villains and have way more action.

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ok people,sense out of nonsense,the batman reboot will be around when batman is experienced,like in arkhamverse........and this one is most likely gonna be in the justice league...so why the HELL would it be terry,and also i say no,i dont want terry

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First, it shouldn't be like the Nolan movies, I would accept it to be a bit more comic like, introduce more outlandish gadgets, introduce Barbara Gordon and hint at her becoming Batgirl. Also introduce Dick Grayson and hint at him becoming Robin, it can also set up a Dick/Babs blowing relationship. Have Riddler as the main villain. AND MAKE IT A TIE IN FOR A JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE!!!!
Cast Logan Lerman as Dick Grayson 

And Michael Fassbender as Bruce Wayne. 
David Tennant as The Riddler 
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@Bane_of_sith said:

An actor who WANTS TO PLAY BATMAN! It's clear bale is fed up with this role and it shows in the movie. If this film followed the plot of the knightfall story line it wild introduce more villains and have way more action.

You obviously have no idea what the heck you're talking about dude. I just read in a huge book about the making of the Dark Knight trilogy that Christian Bale was very eager and motivated to become Batman and assume the role after becoming a fan of the darker Batman graphic novels and hearing that Nolan, a director he admired, was picking up the franchise. He went out for the part himself, longed to wear the cowl, and was thrilled to be involved. And seriously dude, movies aren't all about action. It'd be impossible to fit the entire Knightfall storyline in one movie without it being absolutely terrible. You have no clue what you're talking about, and clearly don't know how to enjoy an intellectual film.

Anyway, as for the actual question of this thread, I agree with the general consensus...it's time for a more unrealistic Bats. Keep the dark vibe, but don't make it so realistic. Show off his genius side, inventing his own gadgets and working more in the bat cave, and make it known that he's the greatest detective. Keep the Joker out of the picture for a while, out of respect and admiration of Ledger, and involve villains like Freeze or Riddler. It'd be nice to see Robin, if done right.

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Calling batman or any comic book movie "intellectual" shows you've never watched a true drama unfold on screen. Intellect Implies needing academic prowess and understanding! And if you need that to watch a comic book movie your an idiot! I watch comic book films for action and excitement watching my childhood heroes on the big screen. Try watching a true drama like Ben Hurr or Laurence of arabia and compare it to this film than tell me it's an intellectual film. Shut the hell up and know what your talking about. If you need intellect to watch a comic book movie your sad, but certainly don't condescend to me about it. I watch true dramas when I want one, and when I want an escape I like to watch a comic book film and not sit through a snoozefest

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@Deranged Midget:awesome choise.

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@The Stegman said:

David Tennant as The Riddler

Beat me to it. I don't care if the movie itself is garbage compared to the Nolan movies. I will open my wallet, no questions asked, to see Tennant in that role.

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I'd love to either see a Dark Knight Returns movie "Miller" style or a Batman Beyond story would be cool too. Not a full on reboot, not yet. The only way I'd be agreeable to that would be to link the DC Universe for a Justice League movie.

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Black Mask

Dick Grayson

Detective Harvey Bullock

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Catwoman's boobs.

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I don't want them to completely ditch the origin, but I also don't want them to spend half of the movie on it either. I would like for the series to start off with the Hush story line, only with less characters, a more focused approach, and I want them to set it at the beginning of his crime fighting career (which would explain less characters) . Then for the second film, I think it would be cool to do the court of owls, but get rid of all of the robins and introduce catwoman instead, making her the canidate for the talon instead of Dick Grayson. For the final film they should do The Dark Knight Returns storyline and leave out Green Arrow and Superman (Unless they do a Justice League movie, then it would work perfectly!), but it would have to be done after the final Justice League movie to make sense (Like in Justice League 3 they eliminate the ultimate threat, so they all feel that the world no longer needs super heroes kinda thing, Leading Batman to go into retirement). I would also like to see a REALLY DARK tone set for all of the movies. Hopefully hollywood knows now that almost no one likes a campy Batman, we want him dark and gritty. I would also like for The Dark Knight Returns to be in multiple parts with an R rating! I know it would be a risk, but since this would take place when the Justice League series is over, why not? He's not going to be in another one so just go with it and take a risk! For casting I think Michael Fassbender would be PERFECT as Batman! Daniel Day Lewis would be PERFECT as the Joker! Tom Hardy would make an Awesome Mutant Leader! (Eventhough he was bane, I'm pretty sure no one would notice because of his mask). Ryan Gosling would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING as HUSH! Guy Pearce would be a great Lincoln March! I still don't know about Catwoman yet. Anthony Hopkins would be perfect as Alfred! Hopefully Henry Caville will remain Superman! Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn would be good! Brad Pitt as Two Face in The Dark Knight Returns would be reall cool as well! For Directors I would like David Fincher, Nicholas Winding Refn, Darren Aronofsky, Danny Boyle, Steven Soderbergh, David Cronenberg, Alfonso Cuaron, and Spike Jonze. I would like for it to be less realistic, but not too unreal to the point that its campy and ridiculous.

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@MurieC16: oh and I would like for Afred to die in the Court of Owls movie! Making it more believable, because he would totally be dead in The Dark Knight Returns. It would also make another plot point for the story, having Bruce suffer from lonliness and breaking mentally, which leads to his ultimate decision of making Carrie Kelley his first sidekick (Because he's old and he actually needs help now, It makes more sense in my opinion). Who would play Carrie? None other than Hit-Girl herself! Chloe Moretz! SHE WOULD BE PERFECT!!!!!!!