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If a publisher gave you full creative control of your favorite character what would you do with them? What would you change or keep the same?

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oh the fail this thread will unearth - *pops popcorn*

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  • Put X-23 on a team. Possibly X-Force again, but it should be an adult team. I don't want her to be a member of the Avengers Academy, Young X-Men, New X-Men, or whatever it is they have (unless she's there as a part-time instructor, which could be cool).
  • Fantomex... well, I'd probably leave him alone.
  • X-Man would become full Shaman again, and I'd put him in scenarios where he can shine.
  • Give Black Bolt one wife (Medusa)
  • Merge the X-Men factions.
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I would take Spider-man and get rid of SpOck, and actually deal with the bigger negative side effects of that deal with Mephisto that Marvel didn't show, it was completely out of character for him to just want to make Spidey sub consciously miserable, there'd have been a reason and its long past time for them to explore it.

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Oh, Dick Grayson...the things I'm going to do to you. Toward you. With you. No, to you...

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I would give Aquaman a big part of his supporting cast back. And a beard. And some hydrokinesis, weaker than Mera's of course

I would end this Superior Spider-Man crap in a way that humiliates Doc Ock and leaves him unusable for at least 10 years just to spite Slott, because he sure likes to spite Peter Parker fans

@mynamewasdeleted said:

oh the fail this thread will unearth - *pops popcorn*

Hard to do worse than some "professional" writers nowadays.

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@lolzstastic: I agree with everything except the beard. I don't like aquaman with a full on beard. A goatee? Some stubble? Yes. But not a Santa beard lol

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Bring Thor back to the classic days, minus all the plot powers.

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I'd do a complete over haul of superman

Make green lanterns (and all lanterns for that matter) as powerful as they should be

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Have Jason Todd massacre the Bat-family, then return to former bad-ass.

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I would give Hank Pym his own solo series

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@sog7dc: I like the beard, makes him look regal..

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Keeps Bats the same.. Or make him partner up with Constantine... and maybe his experiences with Constantine will make him think more on adding magic to his tech. Thus increasing his intelligence with his new found knowledge.... Finally giving him ways to use magic during his battles with metahumans that out class him in every way... That's all I got.