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It pretty self explanatory. What would you your choice be if you could only have one. and why? I think for me it would be nigh omniscience it sounds cool.

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omniscience...simply more useful

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Good choice.

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Being nigh-omniscient would seem to be the broader, and thus better, ability.

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Omniscience for aforementioned reasons

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what's the difference? cause i can't tell.

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in our universe what good would cosmic awareness do?

a) what if nothing is out there?

b) if something happened, you cant do anything about it anyways cause you cant fly or travel out of our planet anyways

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cosmic awareness would be a subset of nigh omniscience

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I understood that cosmic awareness let's you see the future past and present at the same time and it would let you take in information in a titanic scale. where as with nigh omniscience you know a lot about many things.