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Hai there.This question has been in my mind for quite some time and I've been meaning to ask you guys.What is your Dream Video Game? It doesn't have to be just comics not could be any form of media such as: Anime, Manga, Novels, Graphic Novels etc. My dream game would be the most PERFECT Superman game, all you could do would be Go to Superman Returns the video game and make a more compelling story line and make the game less repetitive because that game was Repetitive as HELL.Anyway tell me what your Dream video game would be right ¡ʍolǝq uʍop (That says Down Below!)

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I also thought about a Smallville game based off the TV show the only problem is It would be an Origin story and you would only have 2 of Superman's powers :/ and as the game progressed you would have all his powers eventually.

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Anything with Sword Art Online nervegear.

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Marvel vs Capcom vs DC vs Mortal Kombat vs King of fighters vs Tekken

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I actually have multiple dream video games but I don't feel like listing them all :P Although a couple others of mine are A Flash Video Game and a Gotham by Gaslight Video game.

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@experio: HEY what about Street Fighter? :P

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Engaging plot, perfect gameplay, amazing graphics, and good music.

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Gotham by Gaslight and a game focusing on Damian Wayne after he takes on the role of Batman.

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A Black Panther game - like Arkham asylum game type.

Wonder woman game- like devil may cry.

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@battle_forum_junkie: Go on Youtube and search for Gotham by Gaslight video game, they almost made one but the company making it went bust but there's a demo on youtube.

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@lyrafay: IKR it pissed me off that they didn't make it.

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Conker's Bad Fur Day 2 other than that I just want more Superhero games with the quality of Arkham. (not necessarily the same gameplay)

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@lyrafay: Yeah, I remember that, it looked pretty cool. I'd still like to see one actually get past development, though.

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@lyrafay: And the same thing ALSO happened to the Flash game Search it up on YouTube the person who was on the Development Team uploaded the video so you can ask him questions about the game

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Just another Deus Ex game starring Adam Jensen.

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Open world Godzilla game.

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Hmm, what about Mario Kart + Need for Speed + Grand Tourismo + Forza = ?

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DC Universe: Origins

Preferred Systems: PlayStation 3, PC

Preferred Systems: Bioware

Rating: T

Basically, the game would start with you customizing your appearance and your costume, creating your superhero name and choosing which city you would start off in: Gotham City or Metropolis (If you buy a certain DLC you can start of on an alien planet). When your finished, you start out with a clean slate: You're neither a hero or a villain, and you barely have any powers/abilities. All of a sudden, you are thrust into a situation where a hero is battling a villain (For Gotham, Batman and Joker and for Metropolis, Superman and a group of Lex Luthor minions. For the alien planets, it will be Sinestro vs Hal Jordan) Basically, you can either help the hero, villain, or simply try and escape. Eventually, a pivotal moment will happen that requires you to use your 2 superpowers (This is where you choose your powers. As you level up, you get new powers, to the point where at the max level, you can perform attacks that can defeat entire groups of enemies. There would even be attacks that can combine your two powers to create a stronger-than-normal attack, similar to the combo attacks in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2) The whole game will basically rely on these kind of choices, as well as choices on whether or not to kill people, steal things, arrest people e.t.c that will draw you towards what kind of character you are (hero, villain, antihero, e.t.c). You're choices in the game would basically improve or regress your relationships with other DC characters. When you reach a certain level of friendship with certain characters you can perform actions like marrying them, putting them on a team, e.t.c. Speaking of teams, your reputation as a hero/villain/antihero will eventually draw the interest of team leaders, who will try and recruit you to join them. It will also draw the attention of your enemies, however, who may send heroes/villains to arrest/kill you. Eventually, your choices will lead to a nemesis, someone who is the person you fight against most.

Possible Nemeses/Mentors:



Lex Luthor


Hal Jordan


Wonder Woman

Possible Romances:


Wonder Woman~Always make good points, though intimidate when you are not taken seriously

Supergirl~Act accepting towards aliens and accepting

Batgirl~Make intellectual answers and show loyalty towards the bat family

Poison Ivy~Make feminist and pro-nature answers, make evil choices involving stealing/eco-terrorism and good choices involving random civilians, act extremely accepting and open

Harley Quinn~Make funny/flirty answers and occasional feminist answers

Livewire~Make evil choices and give cruel answers

Catwoman~Make evil choices involving stealing but good choices involving anything else, make feminist answers act flirty but also dark/brooding


Batman~Make good choices, but also act dark and intimidating. Make open and accepting answers

Superman~Always make good, pure choices and answers

Lex Luthor~Make greedy, self centered choices, always answer with extreme loyalty to Lex

Batwoman~Make good choices involving justice and civilians, make evil choices regarding killing criminals.

Hal Jordan~Answers showing extreme loyalty to the Corps. Make good choices that reflect strong, persevering personality

Sinestro~Answers showing conviction, loyalty and a strict, business like approach. Make good choices regarding the greater good, and evil choices regarding fear, intimidation and enforcement

Endings for Mentors:

Batman: Good Ending~Spare The Joker and send him back to prison

Neutral Ending~Kill The Joker, but stay Batman's apprentice

Evil Ending~Turn on Batman to gain power after killing Joker, kill Batman for more evil points or spare him and send him to Arkham

Superman: Good Ending~Refuse the deal with Lex Luthor and have him arrested for more good points, and refuse to destroy Metropolis when Braniac infects with plague

Neutral Ending~Accept Lex Luthor's deal and either kill Superman for evil points or let him go for good points

Evil Ending~Destroy Metropolis to stop the plague, killing everyone. Then, kill Superman for even more evil points

Lex Luthor: Good Ending~Negotiate peacefully for Lex Luthor to get control of Metropolis and Gotham's city, spare Superman for extra good points

Neutral Ending~Threaten to destroy Metropolis and Gotham if they don't surrender to Lex

Evil Ending~Negotiate with Metropolis and Gotham to surrender EVERY metahuman to LexCorp to be experimented on (And eventually killed)

Joker: Good Ending~Kill The Joker and run away with Harley Quinn, spare Batman for extra good points

Neutral Ending~Kill and trick The Joker into thinking you destroyed Gotham.

Evil Ending~Destroy Gotham and kill Harley Quinn for extra evil points

Wonder Woman: Good Ending~Save the world, and negotiate with the Amazons to leave Earth alone

Neutral Ending~Suggest that the Amazons expand their domination to Earth, but spare it nonetheless

Evil Ending~Suggest that humanity is cursed, and the Amazons should proceed to begin it's genocide

Hal Jordan (DLC): Good Ending~Refuse to turn on the GL Corps and refuse to be corrupted by the power of the Black Lantern Corps

Neutral Ending~Turn on the GL Corps, but refuse to join the Black Lanterns. Kill Hal Jordan for evil points, let him live for good points

Evil Ending: Join the Black Lantern Corps and betray the GL Corps. Kill Hal Jordan for extra evil points

Sinestro (DLC): Good Ending~Spare the Green Lantern Corps, and promise to only use fear to destroy and vanquish evil

Neutral Ending~Kill Hal Jordan, but let the rest of the GL survive.

Evil Ending~Kill the Green Lantern Corps, turn on and kill Sinestro for extra evil points

So...What do you think?

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That's easy definite Daredevil game with free roam. but that's not really dreaming big so how about ultimate alliance 2 roster plus some but arkham series quality and gameplay but heavier on leveling up process. Still dreaming too small so make the map as big as the marvel universe with co-op play and infinite replayibility. Is that too much to ask? just the perfect game. Do missions to save a galaxy as Silver Surfer with Galactus in the background. You and your friend take on Horsemen of Apocalypse as fully developed(RPG elements) x-men or save the city with daredevil and heroes for hire. Seems legit?

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Honestly another Crysis game.The Crysis trilogy was a fantastic game trilogy with an exhilarating story and Fantastic game acting and voicing with graphics that looked incredible(one of the if not the best looking game on 360/PS3 and PC)that I wish to play again.Also (even though confirmed) another Mass Effect Game with the same Multiplayer it had for ME3. It was one of the best and underrated horde type survival wave per wave Multiplayer that I have ever played and hope to see the next mass effect have the same type of Multiplayer and more

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A driving game where players can steal buses and ram dragons.

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A game like Marvel Ultimate Alliance except with DC AND Marvel characters, and its abut a war between the two universes.

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@mitran said:

Anything with Sword Art Online nervegear.

Nervegear? But you're stuck in the game forever dude, and if you ever try to escape, you die.

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@mitran said:

Anything with Sword Art Online nervegear.

Nervegear? But you're stuck in the game forever dude, and if you ever try to escape, you die.

Only if it's been tampered with :) I'll just make my own if necessary

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A Game of Thrones Fighting Game.......

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RWBY open world

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Marvel Universe Online:Would be similar to DC Universe Online (plot and all), except with Marvel heroes.

Good Guys would be split into three teams: Avengers/FF/X-Men

Bad Guys: Loki/Dr. Doom/Magneto

Big Bad: Thanos

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A deadshot FPS.

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An anthology game with a blend of arkham/assassins creed/uncharted/gta style gameplay/graphics/layout plus an equally detailed co-op mode

The time spent playing with each character would be nearly twice as long as the length of the arkham city story.

Characters includes batman and family(available separate or together in co-op with specific uncharted-esque style dialogue eg. Babs and dick flirt, Bruce and dick argue)

Green arrow and friends(Roy, Dinah, mia, Connor) with same dialogue format

Deathstroke and family(rose/Grant, Joe)

Can't include superman family, GL's, WW, flashes, etc cause they're basically impossible to make a game into. Flash/supes/WW move too fast/cover so much area that the map would have to be the entire planet and beyond. GL's don't work cause you'd have to limit the amount of constructs available and that's no fun.

Obviously this is not possible because that's about the size of 6-8 games in one, but I'd play that game for at least 2 years

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A re-make of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver that adds in unlockables, side missions, more combat/puzzle solving variety and flair...like, take Soul Reaver and throw in some Arkham City and Tomb Raider...but does nothing to diminish the story.

EDIT: Throw in some of this.

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@drmantistoboggan: It is possible to make a Superman/Flash game..It just hasn't been done right yet.

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An open world DC/Marvel game. I know there are a couple of games close to that (like DC Universe Online), but on the ones that I've played, the different missions feel too repetitive and ultimately boring. If they could make a game in the same vein as Arkham City, just with more playable characters and a much larger map, that would be awesome.

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@technobacon2014: they would have to be severely depowered and limited in travel space which would take out the true essence of the characters.

Arguably the largest, most detailed map to date is gta v, let's say you double the size and make the city portion much larger-metropolis and smallville... a standard superman could cover the furthest distance of the map in somewhere between 5-15 seconds, hence the need for at least a nation sized map.

Then you have to factor in the details on the ground level, the maximum height you can reach in the air, the flight mechanics(including the variances in speed), etc.

Then you'd need a 100% destructible environment which would have to include blunt force damage, fire damage from heat vision, wind/ice damage from super breath, as well as every structure requiring somewhat detailed inner workings to account for x-Ray vision.

I could go on and on, but it won't be til about PlayStation 6 or 7 that such a game is even conceivable IMO, there's just too much you wouldn't be able to do.

Flash is slightly more possible, but it would face many of the same issues. As much as I'd really love a good superman game it just can't be done correctly yet.

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An enhanced remake of the 2000 Spider-Man game and its sequel, Enter Electro.

An Xbox 360 Pokémon game.

Manhunt 3.

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I'd love a CCG like Hearthstone with a Marvel & DC theme.

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I would like an avengers game, not based on the movie, that plays like a third person adventure game (on the lines of God of War or Arkham City). The roster doesn't need to be huge (5-8 members, maybe). I would love it to be free roaming. I would also like to have a very soft but relevant personalization and upgrade system for the characters.

Always been my dream. A nerd can dream.

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A DC version of Avengers Alliance.

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A game involving the Stars (Trek,Gate,Battle,Wars...)

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If I could just play as Spiderman in Arkham City, my life would be complete

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@drmantistoboggan: That first part is a lie. We do have to power them down but not severely. Just only a little bit. Take Superman Returns for example the game NAILED the powers and most of what you say is wrong. You're describing the perfect superman game without any flaws.Superhero games don't always have to live up to the full extent of the character.

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@technobacon2014: you can say I'm lying and I'm wrong all you want, but you're only argument is the superman returns game which wasn't received well by fans or critics. If you think a superman game without most of the stuff I listed isn't a severely delivered version, then you have a very different view of the character compared to anyone I've ever known.

Superman is simply too powerful for a proper interpretation into a game, which is why there still hasn't been one to date.

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Superman open sandbox Action/RPG like Skyrim mixed with Mass Effect and GTA...I would love to go from a Golden Age level powered Superman to an almost Silver Age level Superman with the Big Bad being a battle with Darkseid

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Super Goomba Bros

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An open world Black Pqnther game or the Avengers game