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Poll: What would a good DC team up book be? (24 votes)

Batman/Wonder woman 13%
Green Lantern/Flash 38%
Green Lantern/Green Arrow 8%
Plastic Man/Elongated Man (won't be far in to the series until there is major twist) 4%
Martian Manhunter/Green Lantern 13%
Green Arrow/ Black Canary 4%
Justice League+JLA (like A+X from Marvel) or something along those lines 4%
Justice League/Justice Society 4%
any Justice League/Justice League/JLA/Justice Society book 0%
a team up book with different creative teams every 1 to 4 issues (story arcs) (villain team ups included) 17%
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman Trintiy 13%
Different lantern corps teaming up (which ones) 0%
Aquaman/????? 8%
new earth and earth 2 0%
batman/bat??? 0%
something else (comment below) 21%

With DC announcing a Superman/Wonder Woman book what other DC team up books would you want.

if there is nothing listed here comment below

and who should be the creative team

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Aquaman/Batman!!! :)

for a creative team i guess geoff johns because of writing the best aquaman ever and for art who better than jim lee.

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Green Lantern/ Green Arrow

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Totally new team.

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Forcing a hero and villain to team up is always interesting. I say a series that has runs of different heroes and villains in situations where they have to join forces. Instead of World's Finest maybe call it World's Forsaken or something like that.

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After their last meeting it would be fun to see. Slade is contacted by a mysterious figure (Vandal Savage) to once again go after Lobo. Vandal intends on taking Lobos strength and healing to become a true immortal. Since he can die if caused enough damage. Since Slade killed the unkilliable man, he needs a new catalyst for his experimentation. I like the idea of someone as old as Savage secretly watching the dawn of these new super humans from the shadows. Anyway, learning that they have been played, the duo, team up to get revenge. Vandal also calls in a favor from an old teammate. Can you say Lobo vs Etrigan the Demon? I knew you could. Writer: Scott Snyder. Artist: Jim Lee

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Batman and Zatanna.

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Green Lantern/Flash by Buccelatto and Manapul would make my year :D

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Nightwing + Red Hood + Red Robin

I always liked the sidekicks more than their mentors.

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Night wing/starfire

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Rotating cast and creative team, team up book.

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I'd prefer a rotating team up book, but I don't see it lasting because people tend to stick with certain characters and creators (see the departed DC Presents). But the brilliance of it would be that you could have all these different team ups that might never happen otherwise.

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Aquaman/Animal Man would be interesting.

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Green Lantern/Flash, art by Kenneth Rockfort.

Plastic man/Elongated Man, art by Nicola Scott

Static/Blue Beetle, art by Brett Booth.

Nightwing/Deathstroke, art by Eddy Barrows.

Nightwing/Jay Garrick, art by Tony Daniels.

Nightwing/Arsenal, art by Jim Lee