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I was thinking about what people would say when they found my comic collection, after I pass away or something. Eh, touch morbid I know but I was just wondering what you think people might say, or even think?

Here are a couple things I wouldn't be surprised by.

Collection is found by comic fans - "lol...Dude had the entire run of Sleepwalker"

Collection is found by my kids - "Thanks dad, 30,000+ comics and not a single issue of Batman"

Collection is found by my sisters - "We should have called Hoarders before he passed"

Collection is found by my friends - "FINALLY they're mine! They're all mine!

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Collection found by my mom-"She spent money on this crap."

Collection found by my older sister-"Too much DC and not enough Marvel."

Collection found by my 9 year old niece-"The Marvel comic books are mine!"

Collection found by comic book fans-"She actually had every issue of Hawkman from the New 52?"