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Mine was a tie between Batman by Scott Snyder and The Amazing Spider-Man by Dan Slott. What are yours? Also if you can, include your favorite issue of the year. Mine's either Batman #13 or Amazing Spider-Man #700.

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Mine is the same as yours.

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My favorite series has been Geoff John's Aquaman, particularly The Others arc.

As for my favorite issue, Action Comics #9 is one of my favorite issues of all time, despite the atrocious art and Superman not appearing in a single panel. Action Comics #13 has a mediocre main story, but the short back-up feature is the first piece of entertainment to bring a tear to my eye since the ending of Toy Story 3.

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I really enjoy every issue of All new X-men. I really didnt expect to like this series at first. but now im really glad that i tried it and now its one of my all time fave. Oh and also batman inc.

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  • Death of A family
  • Amazing Spider Man 700
  • All New X-Men
  • Aquaman/ Justice League crossover
  • Hawkeye
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I notice alot of people choosing things that only existed for the last few months as their "best of 2012". I looked back at those earlier months trying to find something that had been consistantly good for the entire year. Early 2012 was indeed a bit of a slump, with much of New52 kinda lagging and the first wave of cancelations hitting.

I think for the entire year of 2012, the best run was Avengers Academy. Christos Gage consistantly knocked that one out of the park. Good characters. Good stories. It even survived a crossover with AvX without it starting to stink.

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Scalped by Aaron and Guera (my favorite series of the last few years) All Star Western by Palmiotto and Gray, Aquaman by Johns, Before Watchmen: Minutemen by Crooke, TMNT by Eastman and Waltz, Earth 2 by Robinson.

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Favorite series were Winter Soldier, Swamp Thing, Hawkeye, and Fatale in that order.

Favorite issue was Hawkeye 3.

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X-O Manowar

'Nuff said

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 Uncanny X-Force
 Wonder Woman
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Animal Man.

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@judasnixon: X-Force's second year was meh.

Red Hood and the Outlaws was mine.

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  • Hawkeye
  • Aquaman
  • X-Men
  • Wonder Woman
  • Ultimate X-Men
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Fantastic Four by a lot, then...

Amazing Spider-Man


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top 5:

1. Punk Rock Jesus

2. Daredevil: End of Days

3. Batman: DotF X-over, pretty much all of it

4. Thor: God of Thunder

5. Punisher: War Zone

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  1. Swamp Thing
  2. Batman
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Uncanny X-force
  5. Batman Incorporated

Favourite issue was

  1. Batman #14
  2. Swamp Thing #14 (just because of giant Swamp Thing)
  3. Batman Incorporated #5
  4. Wonder Woman #12
  5. Uncanny X-force #27
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Journey into Mystery

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1. Ed Brubaker on Winter Soldier

2. Jeff Parker Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts

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  • Locke & Key
  • Aquaman
  • Saga
  • Punk Rock Jesus
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I really enjoyed Swamp Thing. The art is a little weird for my taste, but I love the story.

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Batman and action comics