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One i can think of is the Runaways.

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Doom Patrol or Hitman

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Guardians of the Galaxy

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@jloneblackheart said:
" Guardians of the Galaxy "
Oh yeah. that was a great book. Then again all of Comic Marvel was amazing. TI ruined everything.
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Streets of Gotham

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R.E.B.E.L.S and Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova!

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X-Force, the most recent volume.

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Guardians of the Galaxy. Doom Patrol.

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EXILES - Though, after New Exiles, it was more of a Mercy Killing. However it was a gratuitous mercy killing, that was so brutal, that even though it came back from the dead a few years later, and was written by Jeff Parker and was good! The taint of death made people think it was a zombie. So it was cancelled again, even though it started being good again! Thank you CC for more than a decade of awesome Uncanny, but why CC, why vomit on the cake that was Exiles, and then throw it out the window like a brick covered in tar. WHY!

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@doordoor123 said:
" @jloneblackheart said:
" Guardians of the Galaxy "
Oh yeah. that was a great book. Then again all of Comic Marvel was amazing. TI ruined everything. "

I knew it was him! I had my suspicions, but yeah, knew he would! Ever since I heard his song with Rihanna, Live Your Life. That dude is always messing with my comics! Go back to rap TI, comics ain't got no love fo yo! 
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I haven't followed many books that have been canceled... but I loved Spider-Girl with Anya. It's not even gone yet, but knowing it will be kinda sucks.

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Black Widow
Loved this series....*sigh*....if only Liu had stayed on with the series.... v__v
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Exiles. Unlike New Exiles, the last volume was good.
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A bunch, Nextwave and Chase ranks high among them.

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Irredeemable Ant-Man comes to mind.  That was just a fun series that was killed before its time.  I also think Immortal Iron Fist was pretty great for a while, and would have eventually become great once more if it had survived long enough.

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at least they didn't forget about the character. Eric o'Grady appeared in Avengers: The Initiative, he was a part of Osborn's Thunderbolts and then joined Secret Avengers.
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Agreed, but like most of the team other than Steve, I think Eric's been pretty under-utilized in Secret Avengers.  I'd like to see him go somewhere where he's a tad more involved.
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SLG's revamp of Gargoyles.

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Incredible Hercules.




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Off the top of my head:
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive
The Flash (is being cancelled soon, issue #12)

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Guardians of the Galaxy
Supreme Power

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 Mighty Avengers by Dan Slott
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JSA All-Stars.  Last book will be out next month I believe.

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I'd say X-Force but Uncanny X-Force sorta fills the hole left (pretty amazingly actually) but it's too soon to say if it's as good or not.

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Spider Girl (Anya) is the only one that really comes to my mind.

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New X-Men, easily.

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 Personally, I'm glad they canceled Runaways. I love the title, and it is still one of my favorites books, but the quality had dropped so far by the end that the best thing they could have done was to cancel it. I'd rather it be canceled than continue to be terrible.

It's too bad Agents of Atlas didn't last longer. I really liked the team and the book had a lot of promise. I also miss Avengers Initiative. Avengers Academy is good, but I rather have seen Initiative continued. Unfortunately, I doubt the characters from Agents of Atlas and Initiative will show up anywhere anytime soon.

I also have a certain nostalgic fondness for Battle Chasers. It wasn't actually canceled, though. Instead, the delays kept getting longer and longer until Joe Madureira just stopped making it. It was a fun book with good art and there isn't really anything like to today.

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 Agents Of Atlas :( 

Agents of Atlas :(
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One of mine is definitely Nova.  Those 36 issues was damn good stuff.

@War Killer:

I agree, Black Widow was damn good with Liu and Acuna.  I wish they would've stayed on it and that the book continued.
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Going back a while, but All - Star Squadron by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway

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Mighty Avengers
Incredible Hercules

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Not even close....ROM!!!!!
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Hawkeye and Mockingbird
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I'm shocked by the lack of Vertigo in this thread.
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