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For me it was the Runaways issue #2

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batman: year one

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It was either


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This was my first comic book ever! Given to me by my cousin, he also gave me some of his extra trading cards...fell in love ever since!!!

... something is off with trying to insert images, so it was Uncanny X-Men #227...Storm front and center in her mohawk costume, but her hair was actually grown out. She became my favorite then and it carried over onto the animated series lol

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I'm not sure. I think it was technically a Batman annual, it might have been a Wham! or Smash! one though. I think I got those names right for the last two.

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This exact one.
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I dont recall the number, but remember it was a Punisher comic guest starring Spider-Man. I begged my mom to buy it for me at a grocery store back around '87 or '88.
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Its sad that I can't remember what my first comic was.  Mainly because it was probably some Care Bears or My Little Pony UK-sized comic.

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Oh man. I think the first comic I read came with a Cyclops action figure (1991):

—and was a reprint of X-Factor #1 or something.

Hmm. Nope, not this one. Must have been a later issue because Cyclops wasn't wearing yellow and I'm pretty sure Warren was Archangel at this point.

Anyway, I got into comics with X-Men, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. The only DC I cared about was Batman until much later.

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First one I remember reading is this one.

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Probably some random issue of Bamse or Donald Duck.

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Daredevil - By Bendis and Maleev. Specifically Volume 3.

Odd place to start, but it did the job and got me forever hooked. Ended up buying the Omnibus.

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I don't know. Probably a Donald Duck.

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wow theres some young guns on here.


if you count this

but id say essential spider-man

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Mine was Avengers #226 ;D

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My uncle had left a bunch of older comics in my grandmother's closet. This was one of the first books I found and I remember as a 9 year old being in awe of the cover!

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@Izaiah: no freaking way. me too.

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Xmen#1 2nd volume, with claremont and lee. Go for the 90's

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Mine's was this:

My very first experience of Spider-Man, and it wasn't even Peter, it was Ben. I still have this issue at home in my collection.

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@laussica said:

batman: year one

Would you recommend it?

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Amazing Spider-Man #399 I found it in a box when my family and I moved to a new house.

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@zombietag: Do comic strips count? Cause then it was probably some random volume of Garfield or Calvin & Hobbes for me.

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@drdanny10293: hell yes, even with the new 52 its still a must read

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The first comic and hero title I read.

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I'm sure the first comic of any kind that I read was some kind of Disney comic. I know I had a number of Uncle Scrooge-style comics, and I remember a Bambi one.

The first superhero comic I can remember though was either a Batman or Detective from the 70s or maybe very early 80s. I'd actually love to hear from any Batman fans who can figure out which one it is, I'd love to eventually hunt it down somewhere:

The cover was ripped off, and I remember the first page super-clearly: it was a splash page with a full-length Batman pointing a revolver straight out toward the reader. The artist was Jim Aparo or Aparo-like. The title was something like,"the first time Batman shot a man." Or maybe "killed a man." Which he actually didn't; the issue revolved around some kind of mobsters, and Batman has to pull some kind of trick where he fakes shooting someone. I remember some of it took place on a golf course; I believe that's where the man was "killed."

Anyway, I may not even have been the first superhero comic I read, but it was the first that really made me take notice of them and fascinated me with the art and story, enough to still (sort of) remember it today!

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