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I wanted to see what some of you all thought about what villains could make good heroes. It has been seen that there are villains who redeem themselves and really don't change their personalities, but outlooks on life and actually become interesting and well developed heroes. For example Kaine was a villain for Spider-Man for quite a while before having a "change of heart" and becoming the Scarlet Spider for Houston.

So who do you think would make a good hero in character, just fighting on the side of good rather than villainy? As some added fun what do you think would make for an interesting transition from being a villain to a hero?

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Maybe Lex Luthor.....but people would call him an Iron Man rip off

Bane would be interesting and he already has a few fans.

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I think you're right about the Luthor idea, even though at their core they are two very different characters so the only real similarity is technology being their "power".

As a side note I thought more people would have thoughts on this haha.

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MOS Faora

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Joker (just kidding).

It would be cool to see Bane fighting alongside the Batfamily. But it'd never happen. I also am very interested about Harley having a change of heart after leaving Joker and fight alongside Batman on occasion (see Batman TAS episode "Harlequinade"). They are total opposites and a fun partnership.