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So if superheros were real today, what would they wear? Does Nolan have it right on? Or would they just wear normal cloths?

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I'd probably actually wear a morph suit or something close fitting. Only because it makes me stand out and gives me full range of motion. Now, if I had access to armor then it would be a different story.

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Right now? with the knowledge of comic book and movie superheroes it wouldn't be much different from the ones we see in comic books, at least for the most part and for most of them. Some would use pratical suits and others regular clothing

If there was no such thing as comics, then they would have a much more militarisc, warrior look, and would be far more pratical. Also, a lot of people might just use their regular clothing or just wear a jumpsuit or something. The concept of secret identity would probably no even be very widely spread so some would actually be famous or open about it and have no need for masks.

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It depends on what kind of "hero" we're talking about, and what kind of person...

Street-level fighters would need some lightweight body armor that can take a hit, while still allowing for maneuverability... plus if they're carrying weapons, they need holsters / scabbards etc...

Those with energy or elemental powers would need to wear something that won't be affected by the power... or wear something that avoids the power.. like a short-sleeved shirt, if the power emits from the hands for example

Flyers and speedsters would most likely have to wear head gear, if their bodies have not adapted to the speed or atmospheric pressure

as long as they take their powers and abilities into account, they wear pretty much anything they want