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Poll: What team ups would you like to see most? (37 votes)

Orion and Thor 11%
Superman and Thor 0%
Superman and cap 0%
Superman and spidey 3%
Cap and batman 3%
Batman and daredevil 14%
Luthor and dr doom 22%
Darksied and thanos 8%
I wrote in my own but still wanna see results of poll 41%

If you could gbe your favorite writer and artist make a oneshot where two characters in comics team up and fight against something or someone else who would you want the characters to be?

#1 Posted by TheManInTheShoe (3998 posts) - - Show Bio

Luthor and Doc Doom

#2 Posted by Wolverine08 (49049 posts) - - Show Bio

Doom and Luthor.

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I would also like to see Wolverine and Deathstroke team up.

#4 Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose (6721 posts) - - Show Bio

Batwoman and Captain Marvel(Carol Danvers) by Kelly Sue DeConnick and J.H. Williams.

Not sure what the plot or villains would be though.

#5 Posted by johnjoe66 (252 posts) - - Show Bio

Silver Surfer and Ghost Rider!

#6 Edited by TheWolverine04 (195 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine and Hawkman

Ms. Marvel and Power Girl

#7 Edited by Raw_Material (3472 posts) - - Show Bio

Aquaman and Cyborg

Aquaman and Hulk

Aquaman and TMNT

Aquaman and Deadpool (Would love to hear he things Wade would say to Arthur, lol)

Aquaman and Wolverine

Mera and Wonder Woman

Mera and Invisible Woman

Deadpool and Michelangelo

Batman and TMNT

#8 Posted by SOG7dc (10742 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd like to see them all

But right now I really want to see Orion and Thor team up

#9 Posted by Argothor (115 posts) - - Show Bio

Spiderman Batman (just to hear spidey get on batman's nerves)

Flash Spiderman

Hulk Batman

#10 Posted by raythelion (191 posts) - - Show Bio

Aquama and submariner. Batman and Captain America Doom and Lex.

#11 Edited by Guardiandevil83 (7542 posts) - - Show Bio

Savage Dragon and Luke Cage

Thing and Hellboy

Batman and Wolverine

Jubilee, Faith, Buffy and Selene

Blade and Angel

Selene and Spike

#13 Posted by Kairan1979 (17127 posts) - - Show Bio

Lady Shiva and Elektra.

#14 Posted by batmannflash (6272 posts) - - Show Bio

Doom and Lulthor. and Batman & Daredevil

#15 Posted by i_like_swords (21793 posts) - - Show Bio

Ninjak and Bloodshot. Don't know if this has happened but it should again anyway.

I'd imagine Bloodshot and Agent Venom would be an interesting combo. They have a somewhat similar powerset and history.

XO Manowar and Thor because of their similar personalities.

Deadpool and Punisher. I'd love to see some scenario where Punisher is lumped with Deadpool for a long time period, and they're forced to work together. He'd be bursting blood vessels like it's his job.

#16 Posted by PowerHerc (86141 posts) - - Show Bio

Hercules & Wonder Woman.

#17 Posted by youmessinwithme (1253 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor and Wonder woman fo Show but Thor and Orion would be ill too

#18 Posted by Binski (681 posts) - - Show Bio

batman and red batman

#19 Posted by CaptainHoopla (1651 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadpool and Robin

#20 Posted by judasnixon (9217 posts) - - Show Bio

#21 Edited by Spideysense44 (3838 posts) - - Show Bio

Green Lantern & Nova

#22 Posted by SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26 (6708 posts) - - Show Bio

Spider-Man and Poison Ivy. Oh yes.

#23 Posted by Chaos Prime (11585 posts) - - Show Bio

Silver Surfer & Martian Manhunter would be cool to see.

#24 Posted by SOG7dc (10742 posts) - - Show Bio
#25 Posted by Spideysense44 (3838 posts) - - Show Bio
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The Question and The Shadow

Ted Kord and Tony Stark

Frank Castle and Slade Wilson

Bronze Tiger and Luke Cage/Iron Fist

#27 Posted by Spawn92 (296 posts) - - Show Bio

Hawkeye and Green Arrow.

#28 Edited by XImpossibruX (5541 posts) - - Show Bio

Lex and Doom