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I'm sure this topic has been done before, but when ever I start a forum that might have been made before, I just use the excuse that this is now and that was then. It's Aug 2013 and there might be a new character out there that might be cool to play as, or you might have been turned onto a new character that you want to play as.

Batman Arkham Origins is coming out. They use the detective mode which is a lot of fun, but in a way, it's how you'd think they would have Daredevil if he ever got his own game. In fact, I think they did use something similar in PS1 game that I never played, but saw ads for in comic books.

After playing as Catwoman in Arkham City, and a few Spider-Man games how cool would it be to play a Night Crawler game? Using the same type of engine as Assassin's Creed, being able to climb just about anything in a fun fasion, and then change it up to a cool fighting style? Come on now.

When Superman Returns came out, I jumped on the game, and had so much fun because all the powers were there then........................it just got stupid and repeticious. They had it right. They just failed later on. The battles were lame, but I don't see why they can't build off of it.

Using the God of War engine, I'm still gonna go and buy the Green Lantern game, because God of War is fun as hell, and just trading characters, I don't see why it can't be fun that way either. Maybe not with Green Lantern, but why not another character. Someone with a lot of weapons or abilities. I could see a Captain America done with that engine, or a Hawkeye. Maybe Dr. Strange with spells. The God of War Engine is a fun engine. Revenge of the Sith was similar, and I loved playing that game. The "mortal kombat" type battles against other Jedi's was a blast, and I played it for hours. That approach works so well. Iron Man could be done similar. It's like Ultimate Alliance, just with more moves since it focuses on one character instead of many. Ghost Rider with a God of War approach could be done so damn well.

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I've LOVE a Flash Game with a sort of RPG feel.

Skills for the speedforce put into different trees that you put points into, it'd just be great.

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An Ororo Munroe video game of course. : )

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Green Arrow, in the style of the Arkham series. Trick arrows etc :)

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Really want an Arkham City SEQUEL (not prequel) like taking place AFTER Arkham City they really left it open. Also another injustice type game like a marvel version. Either that or sequel to it

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Justice League, with more than 4-5 powers. Realistic, good graphics. Not some lame ass fighting game where Doomsday can hit Lex Luthor 20 times or Batman can manhandle the Flash. Something like Justice League Heroes, just with more powers.

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Superman sandbox-ish

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agent venom

new avengers

red hood & the outlaws

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A sandbox game where you get to control dudes like this with these kinds of powers, hella yes.

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I'd love to see them make a game about Stephanie Brown. But since I know that will never happen, I'd love the following characters to get GOOD games:

  • Daredevil
  • Thor
  • Green Arrow
  • Batman (Terry McGinnis)
  • Green Lantern
  • Lobo
  • Moon Knight
  • Deathstroke
  • Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Static

And yes, I know those final few will probably never happen, but they would be awesome.

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i want a game based on bleach the series.

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  • Daredevil
  • Thor
  • Green Arrow
  • Batman (Terry McGinnis)
  • Green Lantern
  • Lobo
  • Moon Knight
  • Deathstroke
  • Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Static

This. Especially Moon Knight and Deathstroke

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they should have the arkham creators make a superman game.

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  • Silver Surfer
  • Inhumans
  • Thor
  • Spider-Man
  • Fantastic Four
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Captain Marvel
  • Orion
  • Question
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I really don't see how DC just can't cycle new heroes in the Batman Arkham Unreal 3 engine. I mean the stories were fantastic, and I'm sure that they can make a Lantern, or Superman game with the same open world style.

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I'd like an X-Men RPG game, where you can create your own Mutant character and work your way to becoming a member of the X-Men as a student of the Xavier Institute or as a member of Magneto's brotherhood. I feel this would have a lot of potential as there are so many powers and abilities a player could have access to when creating their Mutant, not to mention expanding those powers as your level up. Plus all of the areas and locations you get to travel to as you go on missions and accomplish various tasks.

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How about a Green Lantern game, one where there's a design tool that literally allows you design almost any weapon you wish, under reasonable circumstances. The game would work as an RPG of sorts, a rookie Lantern just recruited from Earth. You explore the different sectors of the Galaxy, patrolling through the most beautiful planets to stop incoming invasions to tracking down criminals in the darkest sections of space. Your mentor is one of the four legendary Lanterns from Earth and it's your choice who you want to learn the ropes from; Hal, John, Guy or Kyle. Now, each mentor will bring a unique story arc to your story and different characters and locals to interact with, even some extending to famous cameo's from DC's biggest names such as Superman, Martian Manhunter, Orion, Big Barda, Maxima, Mongul and even the Sinestro Corps.

Gameplay would differ depending on the play-style you choose. For general exploration, it would take a beyond the shoulder perspective similar to Gears of War or Mass Effect, with this extending to a slightly zoomed out view when in flight. You have the choice whether to engage from a third person shooter perspective with your ring firing off blasts or drop into classic action camera perspective akin to God of War or Devil May Cry where your unique constructs come into play.

Now, you can completely customize how your character looks, with the exception of your costume being green and your race human. Interactions would be had via conversation wheels with the option extending to be a by the books Lantern or a do it your way rebel which may even lead you to an option for becoming a Yellow Lantern (similar to Paragon and Renegade from Mass Effect). You begin as a standard rookie and can branch all the way into Honour Guard alongside the most famous of Lanterns. The quest system would be very similar to that of Skyrim's where side quests and smaller adventures are constantly re-created uniquely depending on which system you visit and what key character you associate with. The main quest leads you on the path from advancing up the ranks of the Corp.

Each world you visit is uniquely crafted for their own missions which could range from fetch quests, arrest warrants, flat out massive battles, or in-depth murder investigations. Your skill tree allows you to freely pour points into improving your rings capabilities for certain aspects whether it be improved translation and communication for alien languages, improved power output, temporary disguising capabilities, etc.

If there were a need for multiplayer, it could range from smaller scale close quarters battles on the ground that could branch up to the skies. Flight and ranged capabilities with your ring would allow the player to choose from a select amount of constructs to use against their opponents and the same goes with melee combat. Additionally, extending to both single and multiplayer, certain constructs can be utilized in multiple different ways. For example, a construct such as a spear could be used in melee combat but could also be utilized as a ranged weapon to be thrown or shot directly from the ring. A player could also use exterior shielding to defensively protect teammates or detonate them outwards like a shockwave in an offensive manner.

Biggest inspiration would come Mass Effect and Jedi Outcast for the exploration, character driven stories with God of War and Batman: Arkham City inspired melee combat.

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Ant-Man but also with all of Hank Pyms alter egos yellojacket,wasp,giant man etc. Maybe Doc Strange sorcery would be cool. But any hero without powers or extreme martial arts would be boring like Hawkeye,GA etc...

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I'd strangle a puppy for another Punisher game. I just think about the massive area they created for the recent Tomb Raider game. I'm thinking a combination of Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, and Hitman.

An Elektra game could work too. Similar style.

Green Arrow, in the style of the Arkham series. Trick arrows etc :)

That actually sounds pretty awesome. Little play as Black Canary just like Catwoman. That sounds really good.

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A sandbox game with either Superman, Green Lantern, or Silver Surfer with real time distances in our own galaxy and fully explorable planets. But that kind of game would be impossible with the scale, so, eh

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Wonder Woman in a God of War style game.

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@ace20xd6 said:

Wonder Woman in a God of War style game.


Personally I want a Red Hood Arkham city kinda game.

A Daredevil game

Green Lantern (Comic version) video game featuring one Lantern from each core as a playable character.

Any DC game where you can play as Wildcat.

Teen Titans video game.

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A Batman Beyond game set in a future version of the Arkham Universe.

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@war_killer: Man that would be awesome, too bad the only Batman Beyond game is the playstation and N64 one.

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Power Man and Iron Fist

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I'd like a Werewolf by Night game, mainly because I've never played a decent game with a lycanthropic protagonist. The primary tale of the game would be Jack Russel searching for a means to lift his curse. At first, having no control over the transformation, but developing rudimentary control as the game progresses. Include some appearances by characters like Taboo and Topaz, Moon Knight, Morbius, Doctor Glitternight, Silver Dagger and the Brain Eaters.

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A Marvel VS DC game built and played ala Marvel ultimat alliance 1

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How about keep it simple. Avengers, exact same game as Lego Marvel Universe, only not lego... Not cheesy... And more than 4 moves, maybe like 8ish. Make it like Pokemon at lease, give us a chance to forget a move to learn something new.

Have like a Villain league where you can play as Magneto, Doom, Thanos, as well..

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@aiden_cross said:

Green Arrow, in the style of the Arkham series. Trick arrows etc :)

That would be awesome on so many levels. I kind of don't want him to have stupid morals, the game would be better if you can kill.

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A Raven video game. But since that will probably never happen, these are the other people:

Deathstroke: similar to Arkham origins but you are being Slade.

Lobo: like the Deadpool game.

Ghost Rider: A free roam game that allows you to ride a motorcycle and do whatever you want.

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even tho they are similar in some aspects, I always thought UBISOFT would be just a liiiiiitle bit better then Rock Steady. Ubisoft has made Splinter Cell, and Assassin's Creed. It sucks that for what ever reason there is no "croach" option like in Arkham Asylum, but the climbing options are better then Arkham Asylum. I just think it would work better for Green Arrow being able to climb like that. Arkham Asylums fighting part of the game is a little more fast paced then Assassin's Creed, but Assassin's Creed 3 really made the fighting a lot more fun to do then the previous AC games, and the graphics are sick. It's more realistic looking then the Batman games, but then again who cares. It's Batman. It doesn't have to be realisitic. Either company would be a good choice, I just like the climbing more in Assassin's Creed. Both games need to add more hand to hand combat options. Matrix Path of Neo for PS2 had an insane amount of options, and there was shooting, slow motion running up walls, and collecting numerous weapons to scroll thru. And it was PS2. Someone needs to go back to that game and see what they had for the user. It could do nothing but improve any comic book game more.

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I'd like a Green Arrow game. I like shooting arrows in games.

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They can make Daredevil game. It could be similar to the arkham series where you can free roam hells kitchen and use a button to use your enchanced senses ( Much lıke the detective mode)

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Dr Strange , Hawkeye , Moon Knight , Captain Marvel , Heroes for Hire , New gods game where you to get to play as Orion