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I'm hoping it will be similar to the design in the new 52 Batman, and not made of rubber like the previous suits.

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It will probably never happen but I will always carry to the torch for a live action Batman Beyond costume. Mostly because there is a 0% chance we will see Terry or a Batman Beyond live action movie (which is fine, honestly). So I'm rationalizing it to myself that I would be happy with the costume and that it has a greater than 0% chance of happening...


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Adam West costume was a beast.

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If it's building up to a Justice League Movie, I'm hoping Black and Grey.......

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Bright green, and have Spanish lettering on the legs. It should also have fairy wings and hair on top of the cowl.

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I saw this piece of fan-art on the internet. The artist (Matt Rhodes) basically gave an overview of it by saying he'd based it on the SAS's gear sacrificing the whole fancy super-hero look for efficiency and practicality. I don't know why but I really REALLY like that design and idea. If anyone would sacrifice the super-hero look for all-out efficiency its Batman: