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Hello everyone, im kinda new to this comic thing and I wanted some of your opinions, what should I start reading?, Ive been reading The Amazing Spider-Man from #860 on and its really cool, I have also been reading the 2011 Venom with Flash Tompson along with the AVX comics, I have ordered online Carnage USA and im pretty pumped to read it as Carnage is one of my fav villians. What do you guys think of the Deadpool comics?, or Invincable Iron man?, I have ordered Iron Man 516-520, the comic store in my town does not shelf them because they are not popular by what the guy who runs the store says but they have Deadpool comics and it seems like a funny/action comic, Iron Man is my fav superhero so I thought id give his issues a chance, im not really a fan of DC,any feed back would be nice, thanks!

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If you like Iron Man you should check out the beginning of Matt Fraction's run, the first three volumes that include issues 1 to19 of Invincible Iron Man. After that I kind of gave up on the series, but people seem to say it's still good.

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You could read up on Batman of any version if its something you're interested in.... heck anything that interest you, a character that you may like.

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@TERMINATOR1000: Thanks, I guess im just looking in your personal opinion, and if you read any of the comics I listed and if you liked/disliked them

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I enjoy Deadpool in small doses. I'm guessing you already own Carnage: Family Feud?

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@TheBigRedCheese: No I dont, I usually dont look into the older stuff because I don tknow what to read really, old ot me is like 2000 back ( if it is that far back), but if you recommend it I will for sure pick it up

Edit: I just looked it up, looks awesome, Carnage and Irom man?, how could it go wrong

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@bearklaw19: I hear it is a good book about Carnage's resurrection and something Carnage fans should add to their collection.

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Just to let you know, Invincible Iron Man is getting canceled in October. They'll eventually launch a brand new series for Iron Man though. I doubt it'll take very long.

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I recommend you read Scarlet Spider it is a great series, and I think you may like it since you already read a lot of Spidey series

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Spidey's very enjoyable as part of The Avengers. I'd recommend looking into different teams as that's where I found my favourite superhero characters.

Also, Deadpool is HILARIOUS. The Daniel Way run is great so far, I can't recommend it enough.

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@FullmetalChobit: Right on thanks alot, what comics has Spider Man as an Avenger?, I know he has like 3 issues of him as a Fantastic Four, is this in the Amazing Spider-Man series or something else?

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@bearklaw19: The New Avengers series has Spider-Man in the line-up, although as of 2010, he is also part of The Avengers (The difference between the two different teams, to be brief, is that one is government sanctioned and the other does their own thing). Wolverine is also in both and Luke Cage is also AWESOME. (Once you read a little bit into The Avengers, I would highly recommend Avengers Academy - where some old faces start training mutant teenagers, it's epic!)

That was just a four-part mini-series, imaginatively named 'Spider-Man & The Fantastic Four'.

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Snyder's Batman, Briad Wood's Conan the Barbarian, hell maybe Captain Marvel?

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@bearklaw19: If you are sticking with Marvel, the Uncanny X-Force is great, Wolverine and the X-Men is pretty cool, and Daredevil seems to be liked by a lot of people. I am a DC guy myself. If you are interested, Snyder's Batman right now is awesome. Also if you were a fan of the show as kid, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic is pretty good right now.

Here is my pull list.