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I'll go to baltimore comic con this upcoming saturday and sunday. and my main goal will be to get some comics signed but I have some questions:

Like do I have to pay to get a comic book signed?

is any one else going to this con?

what stuff should I be looking for?

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you usually never have to pay to get anything signed

look for stuff you like...since Baltimore isn't really a big con so I doubt that there is going to be any exclusives so just keep an eye out for good deals and stuff that you like

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thanks because a friend told me usually its like $10.00 per signing and I was like that sounds expensive

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you should probably check online...I imagine that they have a website with that kind of info but I've never had to pay to have someone sign a book

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@danhimself: if a have a number one and a hard cover is it ok if I ask them to sign both or should I just bring one?

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Bring an empty backpack and your own lunch. To me, that was my biggest lesson of my first con (last year).

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@papo: it depends on the person who is signing and the size of the line...some "talent" set limitations on how many items they'll sign per person some don't...for those that don't have a limit it's just proper etiquette to keep your time at the front of the line as short as possible if there is a long line...you wouldn't want to be in line when the first person has a huge pile of books that they're asking someone to sign

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@Gambit1024 said:

Bring an empty backpack and your own lunch. To me, that was my biggest lesson of my first con (last year).

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A gun.

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Just go out and have a lot of fun! Go see your favorite creators, see fellow fans and maybe some cool cosplayers. I did the convention circuit for two years both in front and from behind the table...its a lot of fun. P.S. I met my wife at a convention and we are still married 15 years later and counting :)

Someone was right on when they recommended bringing an empty backpack...you'll need one for all the unexpected treasures you may find and can't leave without lol. You should never have to pay for a signing...the worst is maybe waiting for a long time in line for the more popular people. But even then just strike up a conversation with your line neighbor and time will pass and you make new friends...after all you have something obviously in common :P KEEP AN EYE OUT for whenever creators find themselves sitting behind a table and no line :P That's the best time to get more conversational time and attention...most creators are eager to speak given the chance...otherwise they wouldn't be there.

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I'll be there also. (Driving down from Ohio), and had many of the same questions. I'll be bring maybe 5-10 comics I hope to get signed, and some photo-ops with some of the creators. I don;'t know if you're from the area or not, but the Yankees will be playing the Orioles (Just a few blocks from the convention) so the friends I'm staying with suggested maybe taking public transport, as parking might be difficult. Especially Sunday when the game is in the afternoon.

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I'm going to the Baltimore Con too and shared many of your questions as it is my first con. However, I will only be going to it on Saturday.