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If you had access to the Avengers' or Justice League's iPods/iPhones (or in Bruce's case, his Batphone), what kind of songs would you expect to find, given their personality? There's no need to cite actual examples; this is more about how you perceive the characters.

  • Superman - America the Beautiful, This Land is Our Land, The Star Spangled Banner
  • Batman - Beethoven's Fifth, Ride of the Valkyries
  • Wonder Woman - Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

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Actually Superman like Metallica, but I agree with Batman.

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Luke Cage: Tons of Dipset, Jay-Z, Nas and Outkast. Plus a whole lot of Al Green and Teddy Pendergrass for when he's alone with Jessica!

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Deadpool - Slayer !m/

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Hawkeye likes the Ramones...... Then again who doesn't.