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i personally would love to see spider-man beware the rage of a desperate man

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A story arc?

I think the Civil War would make a good one.

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Age of Apocalypse would be nice

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Civil War

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spiderman: identity crisis

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Dark Phoenix Saga!

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yeah civil war would be great how about maximum carnage

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Hulk Vs Wolverine is coming out.  I saw it at Comic-Con.  It was awesome.

World War Hulk is coming out next year also.

Craig Kyle and Chris Yost (who have been behind all the recent Marvel cartoon dvds) would love to do something like Civil War.  That would be something that couldn't be taken lightly.  The main thing is Marvel needs to see that these dvds are financially viable.  They're obviously about making money from them.  Like it or not, they are a business after all.  So in order for there to be more of these awesome dvds, we, the consumers, need to show our support by buying or renting them.  Kyle made a good point about when the Batman anime was released last month, that same day he found clips on youtube after he bought a copy.  Sure we like free stuff and I'm not trying to be preachy but the bootleg copies just hurt us as the studios won't support project if they're not making money off of them.

Okay that's my public service announcement for the day.

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Dark Phoenix Saga!!!

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Civil War or Age Of Apocalypse
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marvel zombies."R" rated.
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I'd like to see the Deadpool mini-series "If Looks Could Kill."

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"I'd like to see the Deadpool mini-series "If Looks Could Kill.""

deadpool is awesome can't wait to see him in x-men origins wolverine
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Most Marvel stuff seems more suited to Saturday morning animation then a movie. There's too much to squeeze into a movie. For example, I felt that the X-men movies made Xavier look really weak and ineffective when he's supposed to be a top telepath. Wolverine completely stole the spotlight from everyone in those movies. I could see a Wolverine starring in his own movie...