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come on. I know someone has something in mind.

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Deadman and Bleach.

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Teen Titans kids and Naruto kids team up.

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Sailormoon and Lobo

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Yu-Gi-Oh and Gambit.

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Flash vs. Cyborg 009's team

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Dragonball Z and Justice League, just to settle the dumb Goku vs. Superman debates.

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Solomon Grundy and Bleach

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@coolguyr99 said:

Yu-Gi-Oh and Gambit.


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@Wboy said:

Sailormoon and Lobo

@coolguyr99 said:

Yu-Gi-Oh and Gambit.

HAHAHAHAHAH Oh god I can't handle it!! SO MUCH HILARITY!

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Kenshiro vs Karate Kid

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I can think of characters I'd like to see fight. Alucard/Ghost Rider. Mugen and Jin/Silver Samurai and Ogun. Sentry vs Goku. Rett Butler/Wolverine. Spike(Bebop) Shang Chi.

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Phantom Thief Kaitou Kid Vs Batman,Goemon(Lupin The 3rd) Vs Taskmaster, Rally Vincent & Minnie May Vs Domino(Marvel) Venom(Eddie Brock) Vs Dante. I could think of alot more.

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Gundam as a possible future for any comic book universe.

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@Wboy said:

Sailormoon and Lobo

*I see what you did there* after starfire.

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Blue Beetle (Jaime) and Bio Boosted Guyver. It practically writes itself.

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I'de love to see a cross-over between Ghost-rider and Bleach. How Johnny would fit in Soul Society, and Black-heart Resurrects Aizen cause he was impressed with his work, they make a deal and BH gives an upgrade and provide Aizen with an powerful demon army. Johnny and Ichigo team up together stop the plan of multi-dimentional domination. Aizen sees things are not going well and asks BH for more power. and..wait for it... THEY DO A FUSION!!!!!


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none, none whatsoever should cross over.

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Id like to see a crossover between Batman and Lupin III,

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One Piece in Marvel U and One Piece in DCU , Luffy could teach Mr Fantastic, Plastic Man, and the Elongated Man how to use their powers to the fullest. Plus we could see the Hulk, Thor ,Superman, etc... fight Luffy for kicks! I'd these events!

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@BlackArmor said:

Flash vs. Cyborg 009's team

I love you, Joe and Bart will be good friends

For me its Doctor Who and Doraemon