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A question popped in my head what makes the perfect Team? Better yet let's say every universe of every known form of media from Tv, Movie, Comics, Cartoons, Novels, Video games, where to merge as one universe. And you had full rain to create the perfect. Who would make up your perfect team, how many members would be in it, What would the team Name be called and who would be fit to lead your team?

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Good question. My team would be:





Ghost Rider

The Mask



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Humor and relationships are the most important part of any team series, and i'd probably have 5-6 people on it.

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perfect team to save the world, to fight crime, to have a series? you need to specify

you can only have a perfect team if you know what it's objective is - perfection comes from adjusting completelly in every detail to the task that you have to perform

there would be different perfect teams depending on the job.

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To build the perfect team, I like the A-team System, also known in some circles as the Paddy's Pub System.... 
Hannibal-The Brains-Frank 
Face-The good looking one-Dennis 
B.A.-The Muscle-Mac 
Murdock-The Wild Card-Charlie 
and Sweet Dee... 

The perfect Team 
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Brains: Batman. Looks: Batman. Muscle: Batman. Wild Card: Batman. Team name: Batman.

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Cooperation and teamwork.

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Peanut butter and Jelly.

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It depends on synergy. The characters have to accent one another in a way that promotes a compelling story and every character has to have an integral role or part they play. The team must be like a symphony. It compliments the story that's trying to be told. For example the X-Men reflect a school structure. Also a truly great team has diversity. I hate teams when they lack diversity.

I think the Justice League on Young Justice was the example of a perfect team. To me it's the perfect version of the Justice League. I wish the DCnU had incorporated these concepts into the New 52 universe. It had a clear cut political hierarchy which included voting for new members and voting who will lead. They have the public Hall of Justice which is the public face of the League, the covet Watchtower, and Mount Justice for the Young Justice members. It's much better then the Justice League Unlimited hierarchy that was abrasive (the founding heroes seemed to come across as bullies to me) and too convoluted (alot of heroes with no real place on the team).

Justice League Founders

Justice League members

Former Justice League members

Young Justice Founders

The Team lineup during December 2010.

Addictional Young Justice Members

Support staff

  • Mal Duncan: supports the Team by serving as its operations manager, coordinating all Squads from the Cave.[22]

Former members

Young Justice Supervisors

  • Batman: Batman is the supervisor of the Team and is responsible for briefing and deploying them on covert missions.[1]
  • Red Tornado: Red Tornado volunteered to stay at Mount Justice to watch over the Team as sort of "den-mother", or rather den robot. He has maintained that he will not interfere in the middle of a Team mission for support. After an attack on the Cave by his "siblings", Red Torpedo and Red Inferno, Red Tornado temporarily left the Team to pursue his creator, but returned after they found him, claiming he has grown fond of the Team.[28]
  • Black Canary: Black Canary works as the Team's hand-to-hand combat instructor and trainer.[1][26] She also acted as a third replacement "den-mother" for a week.[28] On one occasion she even took the role of counselor, after a disastrous psychic training exercise took place in which all six teenaged members of the Team were killed in action.[36]
  • Captain Marvel: First replacement "den-mother".[37]
  • Zatara: Second replacement "den-mother".[38]
  • Captain Atom: Captain Atom acted as the Team's instructor on espionage, stealth and covert ops.[39]