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I always thought that Street level meant that you are a regular crime fighter,that you don't fight galactic threats or anything of the sorts,you handle local crime on a daily basis.So to me that would be people like Spider-Man,Daredevil,the Punisher,Misty Knight,Captain America etc.Alot of these characters though have been part of major events like Infinity Watch,Secret War,Civil War,House of M,and had to face larger threats..how large of a threat do you have to face to not be called street level? Does your powers exempt you from that level? I mean Spider-Man is a crime fighter at heart but he could easily beat most people in that category because he overpowers them all.Any thoughts?

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Its not the power level of your average foe, Its dependent on how powerful an foe can be before you have such a small chance of winning that its not funny.

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Thanks Gambler.