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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I haven't seen one in a while, but just now I remembered the A+X series.

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@rustyroy said:

This and Tim Burton's Batman. Also Spider-Man TAS and 90's superhero cartoons.

Same here

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My Uncle Ben (no pun intended)

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A friend told me to read Watchmen and after that I was hooked

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@m3th said:

I loved the cartoons the X-Men and Spider-Man 90s cartoon specifically, but still what got me into comics was my uncle.

We went to a store for an errand that so happened to have a comic book store right next to it. I saw super heroes and ran in. I saw so many comics and my uncle was nice enough to buy me 2. One was a TMNT story about "dreams" the other a story about Wolverine Vs Sabertooth and a separate story about Spider-Man vs Venom during Christmas.

Has anyone ever read a comicbook issue that had 2 separate stories in it?

That's what happened with me also. Me and uncle were passing through a comic store and my birthday was on the next day, so he took me inside the store and asked me what I wanted and he bought me 3 comics (Spider-Man, Just Imagine GL and Just Imagine WW). Then I got addicted to comic books for the next five years but after my mom sold my comic book collection I stopped reading comics and it was only after TDK came out that I started reading comics again.

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What do you think of the series? I don`t have a strong opinion yet, since I haven`t read it. I do like the concept.

Are the more used X-men getting most of the attention, or do the obscure ones also get their spot in the spotlight?

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Sold your collection!? Why, exactly? Did you just, I dunno, stop reading them?

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DC Super Powers and Secret Wars action figure lines and Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon. Man, just reading that back to myself makes me feel old.

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Sold your collection!? Why, exactly? Did you just, I dunno, stop reading them?

Yeah I stopped reading them but still it was unfair of her to sell my collection without my knowledge.

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I had an uncle who handed them down when I was about 5-6 and have been hooked since

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Ouch. My mom has never even suggested something like that.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I don't blame her though. She was the who bought me half of the books.

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Kids (no matter their age) usually forgive their parents for most of their mistakes. Then again, maybe not...there`s alot of troubled families, after all.

You been reunited with any of them?

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Haha... yes, some of them but it was very huge collection and they cost more now than they used to.

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Bet your mom woulda reconsidered if she should do so, had she known.

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THE Dc Universe Online game

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I also forgot to add, that I myself watched TV shows like Batman Beyond, Batman, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, etc. I aloways looked up stuff online constantly but was never able to read the comics before now.

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The justice league, batman, batman beyond and x-men evolution cartoons. They were my life when i was 12 (i wanted to BE kitty pryde and i remember actually cheering when hawkgirl and john stewart kissed in JL ahaha)

then when the marvel movies started coming out i watched them and loved them, and remembered how much i loved those cartoons and wondered why i wasnt trying to get into comics! I'd always been into manga anyway, so i loved that kind of medium.

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I grew up watching 90's t.v, Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, and Dragon ball Z. I also lived about 5 minutes away from the comic shop, it was on my daily school route. When my family moved i had no friends in the beginning so for the first few months the comic shop would be my after school hangout spot.

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I just figured it was my right, to own things and if I wanted to own something these items are what I'd like to collect. Some people collect cars, tractors, Junk, Coins, stamps , Cats whatever so I said I'm going with comics they appeal to me more.

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I know some of you guys don't want to hear this, but the Nolan Batman trilogy is what got me into it. Then I asked my brother if there were any video games - I played Arkham and now I am hooked, currently reading a few different titles: Batman, Justice League, Stormwatch, and The Flash are my favorites.

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My uncle was a big comic fan and got me into Spider-Man when I was just a little guy. I still remember him giving me a Spider-Man Pez dispenser, lol.

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The Batman And Robin film..... I know im pathetic you dont need to tell me!!!

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Long story short, I went to FCBD last year, got some free comics, looked around and saw Green Arrow comic book, next to him was Savage Hawkman, picked that up, and spent the next hour just totally wandering around in awe of how much there was to choose from. (I also picked up some Avengers and a Justice League of America that had Green Arrow on the cover. I wanted The Flash but I didn't know if it was Barry Allen or Wally West on the cover. At the time I didn't know there was no more Wally, and I didn't want to look stupid by asking. I later found out it was Barry so went back at a later date to get The Flash. I now read Earth 2. The Flash, Green Arrow, Savage Hawkman, Deathstroke, Stormwatch, Demon Knights, and sometimes I will pick up Red Hood and the Outlaws, Captain Atom, and Grifter.

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Batman (TAS, Burton's movies and his toys/merchandise) Spider-Man, X-Men and Superman (the animated series, and toys of all 3) then later on the rest of the DCAU, Teen Titans and X-Men: Evolution got me even more into them.

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Just though Spider-Man looked cool in seeing him in pics and stuff, so I just bought a comic or two with him and kept going up from there.

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Honestly it was a combo of the movies I saw, the tv shows I watched... And google... Yeah sounds about right

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Thanos Impertive series

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ever since i could remember, i always wanted to be a hero. the idea of making a difference in someones life was something i truly found beautiful. being able to use a gift, curse, or gadgets to battle crime made me feel like its possible to be a hero in real life. overall, the concept of putting ones own life on the line to save others was always my reason for loving comics.