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We all know what our first book was but sometimes it isn't very good.

So what was the comic book that made you decide that you were going to start reading comics and why?

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@Irishlad: Actually I wwatched the Thor film, then re-searched all the internet about him. Then joined here and bought some comics a weeklater. After reading Mighty Thor #1I was sold on marvel. Just read Identity Crisis now love DC as well.

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Green Arrow. Judd Winnick's run

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that's very interesting.

The book that made me fall in love with comics was Thor:The Mighty Avenger but it got cancelled after #7.

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@Irishlad: ah cool, im a first gen comic fan, and only have 1 friend into comics.

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@The_Thunderer said:

@Irishlad: Actually I wwatched the Thor film, then re-searched all the internet about him. Then joined here and bought some comics a weeklater. After reading Mighty Thor #1I was sold on marvel. Just read Identity Crisis now love DC as well.

Journey into Mystery!!!!! READ IT!!!!

Me? I have no clue. But I remember my dad drew this amazing drawing of Superman. After that, he became my favorite comic character ever, and I began to love comics.

But first was Superman: The Animated Series.

So, it was my dad's Superman drawing, the Superman cartoon of the 90's, then comics, which my dad introduced to me.

He hates my comic obsession lol.

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@Twentyfive: Which One? 83?

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2nd generation comic reader. I had a whole library of 80's through 90's books. I read alot of Uncanny X-Men growing up and I'm pretty sure I started with some of the later issues in the old Outback days.

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@The_Thunderer: The old stuff is great, but I was really referring to Gillen's current run which sadly ends in September.

It is honestly one of the best comics out right now. And this is comic from someone who normally hates the fantasy genre.

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Movies and animated series are what got me to love comics

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My biggest attractions to comics were Batman: The Animated Series and especially Teen Titans. The Teen Titans showed me a broader spectrum of superheroes and that they could work together, while also heavily attracting me to the odd but awesome Doom Patrol. I first started reading comics seriously with Blackest Night and the Keith Giffen Doom Patrol series. The details of my introduction to comic fandom can be accounted for in this list I made.

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@Nassirdada said:

Movies and animated series are what got me to love comics

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I collected Spider-Man and Superman issues from flea markets as a kid. But, heh, now that I think about it, for some reason Daredevil got me back into comics in high school. Weird.

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I was always interested in the characters growing up with Batman TAS and Spiderman but I never read any books until I heard Captain America was coming out as a movie. I bought Brubaker's first omnibus on Cap with the Winter Soldier and i was hooked. Since then, I have donated about $1,500 to Comixology just reading all the great older stories that I have missed out on along with the new monthlies I pick up now.

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Honestly, the very first comic my father bought for me when he was buying us ice cream. Wolverine #41. My father eventually took me to the comic store where he bought me about twenty used Judge Dredd and Power Pack comics. Later I read up on Captain Universe, Rom, Captain Marvel, Silver Surfer, Howard the Duck, X-Men, Alpha Flight, West Coast Avengers, most of the Marvel Team-Ups, Superman and so on. I loved Guardians of the Galaxy. Space-themed superheroes were my main thing.

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Comic Book TV Shows

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This may be going slightly off topic but do you guys think Tv Shows played a big part when comics once had like crazy numbers?

It's just there is very little comic tv shows out now and the ones that are out either aren't for everyone or aren't very good.

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Spiderman (2002) got me into comics, The Ultimates 1 and 2 proved how good they are.

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@Irishlad: I honestly think there are few good comic tv shows, even though most of them are directed towards the younger generation. My favorite one right now is Avengers EMH.One of the best things about it is that it's loyal to the comic books. It's actually really sad that it has been canceled. Let's hope Avengers Assemble is half as good.

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@Irishlad: I know your tv question wasn't directed toward me, but i'd like to have a say of that if i may? I think to a good extent, yes they did. Like the 90's, you had a few reboots and spikes in sales with stuff like Grant Moorison's JLA, and Jim Lee on Xmen. Also around those same time theres was the xmen animated show and batman/superman animated shows which I think were really instrumental in making kids go out and by those books.

On the topic of what made me follow comics, it would probably be Watchmen and Hellblazer. At first I was into more darker stuff, but then Moorison's All Star Superman really got me into some of the more mainstream stuff.

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To have more time and shared hobbies with my father.

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X-Men: First Class

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when i was in elementary school we had a book fair and i saw "the death of superman" and i saw Batman:HUSH and i bought them since i watched batman:TAS and superman:TAS every day. and since then i've been reading comics off and on. i got back into them last year when i heard DC was relaunching.

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I was feeling depressed at some point about 12 years ago, dealing with a lot of stuff I couldn't stand at school and such. So I just wanted to change my mind and escape somewhere. I thought about all the fun I had years earlier watching Batman:TAS. So I went to a comic store and book a batman trade, never looker back. Comics are awesome.

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I was always interested in Marvel because of the movies and despised DC for no reason. One day my mom went to Barnes and Noble to get a book and I told her to ask for some Marvel comics. I had no idea how to enter comics but I asked anyways. She came home with The Mighty Thor 4 and 5, and Wolverine vs Marvel Universe issue 2. I read the first 2 pages of Wolvie but my bro nagged me so the first book I ever completed was The Mighty Thor issue 4. I also learned that day that comics were not a quarter and that story arcs lasted several issues. I did plenty of research and jumped into the world of comics. Plus, I really like DC now, more than Marvel.

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I always got comics never being into them and then I read Watchmen and I kept reading and enjoyed how much happens in them.

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To cut it short: X-Men TAS.

That's where it all began.

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Ultimate Spider-Man, specifically the issue where he beats on Doc Ock in New Jersey and then runs back to Queens where Aunt May was waiting up all night wondering where he was and then grounds him.

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Firstly I was watching animated movies about Batman and then I started watching X-Men TAS,Spider-Man TAS,Superman TAS and so on.After I was interested in comic books,the first book I bought was a Spawn issue.

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For me it all started with the art. I love it. I also love how there are no limits, rules, or boundaries with the stories. It is unfortunate many people think this medium is childish and never pick a comic up.

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As far as I can remember it's always just been there, I had older brothers who were into the comics from when they were kids and I inherited them so was always exposed to that world in one way shape or form, as well as the Cartoons like X-men and Batman The Animated Series.

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Back b4 Walmart a kid could view comics @ any grocery stores magazine rack and that's where I first viewed Marvels Team Up's Spider-man & Nighthawk vs. Meteor Man. Funny how those olden comics sold for a quarter and were just as enjoyable to read compared to the $3.99 comics today or the $5.99 in the future. I <3 Dynamite / DC / Valiant :)

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@AgeofHurricane said:

To cut it short: X-Men TAS.

That's where it all began.

This as well as Spiderman TAS.

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@Irishlad: Yes, Alot of people got into comic books by seeing the TV Shows, it's only natural.