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Poll: What " Level " of Characters Do You Like? (38 votes)

Below Street Level 13%
Street Level 53%
Mid-Level 47%
High-Level 42%
Cosmic/Skyfather Level 11%
( Nigh ) Omnipotent 8%

I personally prefer Street and Lower Mid level people. What about you?

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Mainly street level, but I like reading high level teams. Right now I'm reading New Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, along with Deadpool, hawkeye, soon to be daredevil.. I think I like seeing the personal thoughts and stuff in a solo street level series, but also the team dynamic of high level teams.

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what does Superman count as?

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Probably street to mid level. They can deal out punishment, but they're not invincible and cant do anything that make a conflict seem pointless

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I put Mid and High because all my heroes range in between them. Street level/lower powered characters are more relatable, which is why I like them. However, there are high leveled characters that I love.

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What would a "below streel level" be? A guy in a wheel chair?

#7 Posted by i_like_swords (20553 posts) - - Show Bio

@tacos_kickass: Probably someone who isn't skilled in martial arts or fighting of any knid, the comic might not revolve much around fighting.

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I like substreet level heroes and villains......

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Higher up, most comics are dominated by middle low

Back then marvel had a good high level scene

Silver Age can be done better with good writers

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All of them, I judge a character by itself now its powerset, they can all be potrayed fairly relative to their powers.

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I like all different levels of characters, depends on my mood I guess. But mostly mid-level characters, peak humans like Captain America or mid-level superhumans.

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What would be an example of a mid-level character?

I voted street level, more relateable and fun to read. After that my favourites would be high level, then cosmic level.

EDIT: after street level i'd vote mid-level then high level, then cosmic level. I think sky father level would be on a higher level then cosmic level though.

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I mostly like characters based on design, personality, and story. Powers is a secondary concern of mine, but I do tend to prefer characters that are between street and mid level in power, since not only are they more realistic (even in a pseudo-science medium), but that their fights are more interesting. You see Superman in a fight and you know he's going to win, there's not much tension. Not only that, but you generally have to make characters that are as or more powerful than Superman, to which point they often get defeated in anti-climatic ways and then get sweeped under the rug by writers because they are too powerful. With weaker characters, you can still see very impressive displays of power while still feeling like they are vulnerable and may not succeed, and their villains can have more creative abilities to make the fights more interesting than just a boxing match.

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Highlevel or Streetlevel.

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@14nc3: Mid-level would be like Spiderman, or the X-Men. Not at Superman's league, but too strong for humans.

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I enjoy both ends of the spectrum.

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The majority of my favorite characters are dispersed throughout street, mid and high level.

Come to think of it, I honestly don't care for anyone above the level of Superman or Hulk.

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ah okay thanks. I was always confused at what spider-man would be.