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Poll: What is your favorite series or run from Geoff Johns? (12 votes)

Action Comics 8%
Aquaman 8%
Batman: Earth One 0%
Blackest Night 8%
Brightest Day 0%
Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds 0%
Flash: Rebirth 0%
Green Lantern 58%
Infinite Crisis 8%
Justice League 0%
Justice League of America 0%
Other (please specify) 8%
#1 Posted by RDClip (1761 posts) - - Show Bio

Justice Society of America

#2 Posted by Extremis (3593 posts) - - Show Bio

Green Lantern. Geoff Johns is THE Green Lantern writer. No matter how anyone feels about Johns, it's undeniable he elevated the series, and Hal Jordan specifically, to the upper echelon of not just DC comics but to one of best comic book mythologies in existence. It's rare these days that a writer becomes so synonymous with one title/character and stays on for so long. These are the indications of a writer who penned a legendary run. When people look back, the GL series will undoubtedly be his crowning achievement and rightfully so.

#3 Posted by Mucklefluga (2651 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow Green Lantern is thrashing

#4 Posted by Billy Batson (59391 posts) - - Show Bio

Really? No mention of his longest runs such as JSA, The Flash and Teen Titans?

#5 Posted by mightyrearranger (1768 posts) - - Show Bio

Voted Infinite Crisis out of the options available, but my real favorite arc of his is Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge. Len Snart and Hunter Zolomon, ftw.