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I know that we all enjoy rivalry's in comics, But what are your favorite rivalry in comics?

Some of mine are:

Superman and Thor

Superman and captain marvel

Hulk and Thor

Thor and Loki

Batman and Superman


has to have to have resulted in a fight or confrontation whither in cannon or not

Can be from separate universes along as they come in direct conflict in at lest one occasion

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Hulk and Thor

Cyclops and Wolverine

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hulk vs thor

spider-man vs venom

wolverine vs cyclops

juggs vs hulk

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  • Booster Gold vs. Maxwell Lord
  • Spider Jerusalem vs. the Smiler
  • Daredevil vs. Kingpin
  • Superman vs. Lex Luthor
  • Green Arrow vs. Merlyn
  • Barry Allen vs. Professor Zoom
  • Darkseid vs. Everything
  • Mr. Fantastic vs. Doctor Doom
  • Spider-Man vs. Norman Osborn
  • Aquaman vs. Black Manta
  • Invincible vs. Conquest
  • Niles Caulder vs. General Immortus vs. the Brain
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I dont really have that much of a favorite rivalry in comics but in every media, Ash vs "insert antagonist of the season" is always awesome. but Ash vs Gary is the classic one even though they are good friends now the rivalry still remains a bit

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Batman and Joker is CLASSIC 
But otherwise 
Locke Kids vs Dark Lady has shot up to top 5 
Butcher vs Homelander  
Jesse Custer vs Saint of Killers

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Black Lightning vs. Geo-Force

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Gary Oak and Ash Ketchum?

Nah just kidding.

Probably Dick Grayson and Jason Todd,

Batman and Everyone,

Superman and Wonder Woman (except now they're lovers apparently :|)

Me and Everyone.

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Aquaman and Black Manta. Black Manta killed Aquaman's son. Doesn't get better than that.

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Spider-man Vs Doc Ock

Batman Vs Joker

Doctor Doom Vs anyone

Superman Vs Lex Luthor

Flash Vs Captain Cold

Captain America Vs Red Skull

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Archnemisi =/= rivals

Dick and Jason

Captain America and Iron Man

Wolverine and Cyclops

Batman and Superman


Sasuke and Itachi

part one Sasuke and Naruto

Goku and Vegeta

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Thor vs Loki

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My favorites are:

  1. Hercules vs Thor
  2. Thing vs Hulk
  3. Superman vs Captain Marvel
  4. Captain America vs Wolverine
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Superman vs Shazam. It's basically science vs magic.

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Superman vs Captain Marvel