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Title is self explanatory

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DC - Green Arrow

Marvel - Moon Knight/Black Widow

Vertigo - The Wake

Image - Saga

Valiant - Eternal Warrior

Overall - Probably Green Arrow

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I'm loving Harley Quinn, Superman/Wonder Woman and Punisher.

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The Twilight Zone comics.

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DC -Green Arrow/Batman

Marvel-Moon Knight/uncanny avengers


Vertigo-The Wake

Dark Horse- Any Hellboy related stuff

Valiant- XO Manowar

Overall- probly Green Arrow but if Moon Knight stays as good as the first issue was then itll probly become my fav. Also Greg Paks action comics is slowly starting to become one of my favorite series

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The only one I'm following is Saga, so... Saga.

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DC - Red Hood and the Outlaws (though I hated Tynion's run)

Marvel - Daredevil

Image - Saga (it's my favorite comic of all time)

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DC - Anything Green Lantern(Red Lantern, Larfleeze,GLC)

Marvel - X-men(X-girls team) and God of Thunder

Image - anything Skybound and East of West

Valiant - Harbinger and Bloodshot & H.A.R.D. Corps

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Twillight of the Gods and Niklos Koda

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DC: Green Arrow

Marvel: Black Widow

Image: tie between Velvet and Saga

Valiant: Quantum and Woody

Dark Horse: Angel and Faith

Dynamite: Ash and the Army of Darkness

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  • Aquaman
  • Green Arrow
  • Moon Knight
  • Lazarus
  • Saga
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Sandman Overture.

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Trinity of Sin: Pandora

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DC- Nightwing (which is ending)

Marvel- Uncanny X-Men and Daredevil

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Justice League 3000

Earth 2

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Green Arrow and TMNT.

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Marvel: Deadpool and Superior Foes

DC: Green Arrow

Image: Invincible and Saga

Valiant: X-O Manowar

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I---- CANT!! *Head explodes*

So instead I'll list my favorite from the publishers I'm reading.

Marvel: All-New X-Men

DC: The Flash

Valiant: Archer and Armstrong

Image: Saga

IDW: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

My favorite MIGHT actually be Archer and Armstrong.

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Hmmm. For my favorite at the moment, it'd be:

Marvel: Uncanny Avengers with Black Widow close behind and Moon Knight looking really good after 2 issues.

DC: Swamp Thing

Valiant: Harbinger with X-O Manowar being fantastic as well

Image: Invincible with Fatale and Velvet right behind.


Overall, my favorite would be Harbinger with Uncanny Avengers.

If I were to do that list for the past year, it'd probably be very different almost every month or quarter.

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DC: Action Comics, Batman, Green Arrow, Swamp Thing, Superman Unchained

Marvel: Thor: God of Thunder, X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Hawkeye, Superior Spider-Man

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Batman, All-Star Western, Thor, Lazarus and Velvet are my fab 5.